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Home Training Living in Fitness Do Steroids Shrink Your Testicles?

Do Steroids Shrink Your Testicles?

Do Steroids Shrink Your Testicles?


Anabolic-androgen steroids are commonly taken by those in the fitness and sports world because of their short-term increase of both muscle size and stamina. The name of this type of steroid is due to its muscle enlarging capabilities (anabolic) and its ability to enhance male traits (androgen).

Even though manufactured anabolic steroids are illegal in the United States, we are all familiar with the promising sports careers of athletes which have gone down in flames due to the use of such steroids. Major league baseball players Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens and Jose Canseco, cyclist Floyd Landis and Olympic track star Marion Jones are just a few of the top U.S. sports stars who have tarnished careers because of using anabolic steroids to enhance performance.





What Do Anabolic Steroids Do?

Anabolic steroids are used to promote rapid muscle mass, produce greater strength and enhance recovery time. Some common names of anabolic-androgen steroids are deca-durabolin, dianabol, equipoise and oxandrin, although there are many others including designer steroids that are created to avoid drug test results.

These types of steroids either induce the production of testosterone or mimic its effects. Testosterone is the key hormone used by the body for the enhancement of male characteristics such as muscle growth, bone formation, high energy, mood regulation and sex drive. Anabolic steroids can be obtained by a doctor’s prescription to alleviate certain kinds of health problems such as low testosterone levels or amnesia, but bodybuilders and athletes usually obtain them illegally. 





Side Effects of Anabolic Steroids

Not only are anabolic steroids illegal without a doctor’s prescription, but they can produce a number of nasty side effects from their prolonged use. Health problems which can occur with steroid use are mood swings, extreme aggression, impotency, high cholesterol, balding, severe acne, tendon damage, water retention, high blood pressure and cancer. Women who take anabolic steroids may contract a deeper voice, hairy chest, shrinking breasts and enlarged clitoris as well.

According to both the National Institute on Drug Abuse and the Mayo Clinic, testicle shrinkage in males is another side effect of prolonged anabolic steroid use. Anabolic steroids create greater and faster muscle growth because you supply your body with more testosterone than what the testicles can naturally produce by themselves. Testicle shrinkage occurs because the body is constantly provided with an artificial source of testosterone and your body eventually signals your testicles to stop producing the hormone, causing them to become atrophied (shrunken).

Naturally Increase Testosterone through a Healthy Diet

There is no need to submit yourself to the health risks of taking anabolic steroids as testosterone levels can be elevated naturally several ways. The first is by consuming a nutritious diet rich in certain foods. 

Some of the best foods for naturally stimulating testosterone production are foods that contain high concentrations of protein and zinc such as oysters, steak, liver, eggs, nuts (especially Brazil nuts and peanuts/peanut butter), cauliflower, broccoli, cabbage and olives. Avocados are also a good food to add to daily healthy diet as the tree was referred as “ahuacatl” by the Aztecs which translates as “testicle tree”.

You can receive valuable nutritional information and help with personally tailoring a healthy diet to your body type by following the MP45 program by Muscle Prodigy. Get guidance on the best foods to eat for top health and increasing testosterone levels as well other key hormones.





Naturally Increase Testosterone through Exercise

Regular exercise is another way to increase testosterone naturally. However, you need to utilize compound exercises as a great deal of muscle fiber has to be employed in order to stimulate testosterone production. Compound exercises using heavy weights get numerous joints and muscle groups involved which get the testosterone juices flowing.

Cardiovascular exercise also increases testosterone production. Adding cardio to your fitness program is especially beneficial if you have excess body weight which can elevate estrogen levels. By increasing cardio exercise, you lower estrogen, raise testosterone, burn calories and eliminate fat deposits.

The MP45 Program also shows you how to create a riveting exercise program that utilizes both compound exercises and cardio workouts that will not only increase testosterone levels, but will turn you into a lean, mean muscular machine in just 45 days.

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