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Home Health & Lifestyle Healthy Living Did Cavemen Have Six Pack Abs?

Did Cavemen Have Six Pack Abs?

Did Cavemen Have Six Pack Abs?


If you listen to all the experts, all the research and the years and years of study, we found that most still has different thoughts on the right diet for humans. Which brings me to the title of this article; did cavemen have six pack abs?


If you listen to the experts who push the Palo diet and tell of the natural diet of the caveman, they would lead you to believe you would be as lean like a caveman. Fact, cavemen ate what they could eat, they were scavengers'.


The caveman, didn't really have a choice, they ate what they could pick and kill. If you put a caveman in today's society he would eat processed food just like every other society that has been exposed to the abundance of food and has fallen to the new world of obesity.


Because cavemen had to hunt for food and get busy looking for it and picking it, they burned a lot of calories, not to mention the time they spent fasting probably tired and exhausted from lack of food.


When they did kill their food they would feast, they never ate in moderation; they ate until they could eat no more; because they may go a long time before they ate again.


Without excess fat on the body the body would not have fuel to sustain the rugged lifestyle of the caveman, if the caveman was as lean as most think with a six pack of abs they would have no energy to survive, their body would just consume itself.


So why, was the caveman so strong and thickly built? Same reason a bull is massive; the same reason a gorilla is 800lbs, that's the way it is, it not because of the food. The caveman was strong and thickly built because of the life they were exposed to, and the time they were alive.


It really was survival of the fittest. When they left to get food, there was always a risk they would not come back. As time goes on we evolve and adapt to fit our environment.


What do you think would happen to a caveman that was a 90lb weakling?


We never hear of the weak caveman only the strong, because the weak would never last. Cavemen, had to walk, sprint, pull, carry, drag, lift, fight, wrestle their whole short existence, what would you be like if you live this way every day for 30 years.


We look at today's ripped to shreds experts, yet they really don't eat the caveman way, they eat in moderation, they don't hunt for their own food, they don't go long periods without food while still trying to survive.


I do think lean proteins (game meats, fish, eggs and chicken) nuts, seeds, vegetables, fruit and tons of water (cut back or out starches and flour products) the way to excellent health




About the Author

Johnny Grube B.C.S. is the holder of 4 bodyweight world records in physical fitness is an expert on the subject of Building Physical and Mental Toughness through bodyweight training. He has 30 years of training experience and is the author of "The How to Build Explosive Pushup Power", The Wildman Training Program manual, The New Expanded version The Wildman Training Course and The Super Strength Playground Training Manual.

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