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Home Training Workouts Dexter Jackson Full Body Crazy Workout

Dexter Jackson Full Body Crazy Workout

Dexter Jackson Full Body Crazy Workout


Dexter "The Blade" Jackson is an elite bodybuilder on the IFBB Pro. Although he is getting up in age, the Blade's still got it. This 2008 Mr. Olympia champ has the best body, in my opinion, of all the bodybuilders in this day and age. The reason why he's called the Blade is because of his cuts and the fact that he always come into competitions razor sharp like a blade. Dexter is 41 this year, but he is the most consistent and shredded out of any bodybuilder. Check out his full-body workout that he does on occasion to shock his body. Dexter said in an interview with MuscleTech, "By the end of it, I was soaked with sweat and didn't have an ounce left...but I wont he battle!"

Dexter starts with the traps, doing one set right after another, until he reaches his calves. Then, he rests 5 minutes and does it again doing a different set of exercises, but making sure to attack each bodypart. He'll do at least 3 full rotations. Here is a sample of one rotation:

Upright Row- 12 reps                            (Traps)
Flat Barbell Press-
12 reps                   (Chest)
Bent-Over Barbell Row-
12 reps          (Back)
Dumbbell Shoulder Press-
12 reps       (Shoulders)
EZ Bar Curl-
12 reps                              (Biceps)
Triceps Pressdown-
12 reps                 (Triceps)
Hack Squat-
12 reps                              (Quads)
Standing Leg Curl-
12 reps                   (Hamstrings)
Seated Calf Raise-
12 reps                   (Calves)


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Date Published : 2010-08-25 20:28:17
Written By : Jaret Grossman