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DeSean Jackson Workout

DeSean Jackson Workout


Two-time Pro Bowler DeSean Jackson is a menace on the gridiron. The Eagles’ lead wide receiver and return specialist has quick hands and even quicker feet. This man is certainly fast and has the speed and strength to blow by defenders as evident by his 4.3 second 40 time at the NFL Combine. At only 5’10”, 175 lbs., Jackson has learned to put all the muscle and strength possible into his frame through running drills that showcase his explosive playing style.

Wide receivers have one of the most difficult jobs on the field. Catching a pass through traffic is tough, but evading that traffic is even tougher. To benefit his on-field limberness, Jackson utilizes the five-cone zigzag drill. With five cones placed one yard apart in a zigzag pattern, Jackson places himself in an athletic stance about five yards in front of the first cone. He then sprints to the first cone and weaves himself through. For very cone thereafter, Jackson will weave in a similar pattern until he reaches the final cone. At the final cone, he’ll cut to the right and receive a pass from his partner. Jackson will repeat the drill, but instead break to the left. Each direction is repeated three times. This drill is beneficial for the wide receiver due its practicality and simple approach. Receiving a pass after navigating through cones simulates the way he would avoid defenders.

Gaining that first step ahead of your defender can prove to be the difference in a reception or an incompletion. To get that first step, Jackson completes the explosive start workout. Starting at the 40-yard line of a football field, Jackson assumes a starting position with one foot in front of the other. The wide receiver quickly pushes into the ground with his front foot while driving his back arm forward in order to explode out. He’ll then sprint for 15-20 yards, and repeat the drill about four to five times. In order to build explosiveness and agility throughout, Jackson can alternate between starting feet.




Jackson is very lean, which helps him stay extra fast. You can really see how strong
he is and how 
he is able to slip past defenders.






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As stated earlier, catching the ball in traffic is one of the toughest jobs that a wide receiver has to complete. For better practice with this, Jackson uses the distraction drill. Standing on a hash mark on the field, Jackson faces a partner who is facing him - standing at the opposing hash mark. Jackson and his partner will then run towards one another. With a ball tosser standing about 10-15 in front, the partner will then make elusive cuts toward Jackson, so as to distract him from catching the ball. Jackson will then make a cut to the right, catch the ball, then sprint upfield for ten to fifteen yards. Jackson will repeat this drill, but with a cut to the left instead, and perform about 15 to 20 cuts for each side. This drill is important due to how closely it mirrors real gameplay. In order to benefit from its effectiveness, having a talented ball tosser and opponent is necessary. This workout stresses agility and explosiveness.



NOTE: This is only part of DeSean Jackson's workout routine, in which we offer some additional commentary to his regimen. To see the whole routine and to go more in-depth with athlete workouts, be sure to check out STACK Magazine











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Date Published : 2012-07-17 13:40:56
Written By : Scott Wordsman

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