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Derek Lee Workout

Derek Lee Workout


Gold Glove first basemen Derrek Lee is all business. Whether it’s at the plate, on the bases, or scooping up throws, Lee is a solid player who is known for his hustle and hard work. After a hit-by-pitch broke a bone in Lee’s left wrist a season ago, he’s come back stronger than ever for the Pittsburgh Pirates. A master of injury prevention and strength training, Derrek Lee shares a few of his coveted workouts.

Baseball players always seem to have problems with their shoulders - especially their rotator cuffs. This usually stems from the strain that throwing, batting, and catching put on the shoulders. Lee utilizes the lateral dumbbell raise to combat this pesky problem. Standing in an athletic position with his feet spread slightly, Lee holds a dumbbell in each hand with palms facing each other. With a slight bend in his elbows, Lee raises his arms laterally until the dumbbells are at approximately shoulder height. Once here, Lee will hold for a second or two, then slowly raise his arms down to his sides. This exercise not only builds muscle, but it aids in injury prevention as well. The shoulders are put through a lot of stress during field play, and in the weight room from bench pressing, curling, and nearly every other upper body exercise. In order to get the most out of his shoulders, Lee does not neglect proper conditioning.





Derrick Lee does a lot of core movements. A strong core is 
essential for rotational power when swinging a baseball bat.
Using a medicine ball is a great way to build up the core.





The core is always emphasized by baseball player, for that is where the majority of rotational power comes from. As a first basemen, Lee always has to be lunging, twisting, and stretching for his infielders’ throws. To work his core, Lee engages in the overhead Russian twist exercise. Lying down, and with a medicine ball above and to the right of his head, Lee does a crunch to touch the ball to a partner positioned in front of him. With ball still in hand, Lee lowers his upper body back to the ground and touches the ball back behind him - but this time to the left. He will then crunch up and touch the ball to his partner’s hand, and lower his upper body to the right and down. Lee will then keep repeating this motion. This exercise works the core in a very dynamic way. Having to hold the medicine ball above his head ensures that Lee will not cheat and use his hands to propel him upwards. This puts the majority of the strain on his abdominals which is necessary for building these muscles.

To build strong legs, Lee focuses on an exercise referred to as alternating step-ups. With a box positioned on the ground in front of him, Lee starts with his left foot on the ground behind the box, and his right foot on top of the box. He then explosively jumps off his right foot and switches feet positions in the air and lands with his left foot on the box and his right foot behind the box. After gaining composure for a second or two, Lee will repeat the action with the opposite foot and land back in starting position. The remainder of the workout will continue in this fashion. The alternating step-up workout is beneficial for both leg strength and practicality. By engaging in explosive workouts such as this, Lee focuses on the strength and speed he needs to get that quick jump out of the box after a hit. 



NOTE: This is only part of Derek Lee's workout routine, in which we offer some additional commentary to his regimen. To see the whole routine and to go more in-depth with athlete workouts, be sure to check out STACK Magazine








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Date Published : 2012-07-17 14:01:02
Written By : Scott Wordsman

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