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DeAngelo Hall Workout

DeAngelo Hall Workout


DeAngelo Hall's workout training routine in the off-season comprises of a boxing routine. The Washington Redskin cornerback has a tremendous work ethic and it translates on the field, making him a Pro-Bowl, shut-down corner. He is lightning quick and one of the fastest players in the NFL. DeAngelo Hall even got 4 interceptions in one game, tying a record.


During the off-season DeAngelo resorts to boxing and calisthenics among other things to keep him in shape. He does a lot of core work and conditioning to make sure he stays in shape before the hard stuff at training camp starts. Boxing is known as one of the hardest sports around. Try continuously throwing punches minute after minute and see how long you last. Boxing takes a tremendous amount of cardiovascular conditioning and training like a boxer will only help Hall last longer on the football field.


According to Sports Illustrated, DeAngelo does a few more exercises as noted below:



Hall's trainer, Ken Croner, sets up a row of five, six-inch-high hurdles, evenly spaced over a distance of five yards. Swinging his arms upward on each jump and never bending his legs more than a few inches, Hall hops each hurdle and then lands with his torso vertically aligned and stable. He then holds the position a few seconds before hopping again. "If he's not stable through his midsection," says Croner, "he's not able to land like that." Hall does 4 sets of hurdles.


Ball Exercises

At arms' length from a wall, Hall takes turns hurling a nonreactive eight-pound ball and a bouncy six-pound ball against the wall from hip level. The stance gets him to accelerate through his hips. He alternates through 2 sets of 10. Going back and forth between the balls helps him adjust to changes in the pace of a game.


This are a great combination of exercises that helps him bring balance, strength, and stability throughout his entire body. 








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Date Published : 2011-12-10 04:22:47
Written By : Jaret Grossman

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