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Darrelle Revis Workout

Darrelle Revis Workout


Darrelle Revis workout training routine provides him with incredible speed, agility and a muscle body that sports a ripped six pack. Revis has a tremendous work ethic and is a shutdown cornerback who goes through blistering conditioning workouts to make him one of the best players in the NFL.

Way before New York Jet star cornerback Darrelle Revis was considered as one of the best, if not THE VERY best cornerback in the league, Revis put in every bit of ounce of effort to get there. Darrelle Revis is obsessed with being the best cornerback in the NFL, and to make sure he got there, Revis and his off-season trainer, Will Sullivan, devised a unique workout routine to prepare him for the long and brutal NFL season ahead. Revis travels far away from his hometown of Pittsburgh and cuts off nearly all communication with his friends and family. In fact, he trains in the hot Arizona summer, some of the most uncomfortable football conditions including dry, blistering heat and marathon workouts, to give him even more of a physical and mental edge come on gameday. 

The two meet at Fischer Sports in Phoenix, Arizona in late June, where Revis works on strength and conditioning for four hours each morning. He then trains for three hours every afternoon alongside pros like Donovan McNabb. Revis and his trainer work on cone drills and footwork in addition to a heavy-duty weightlifting routine where he does countless bench presses and squats to stimulate the trauma done to his chest and legs during a game (pressing off a receiver and sprinting for close to 100 plays). Revis trains like an animal to be the best player in the NFL. 

Revis focuses on two workouts a day, doing two-a-days before the real two-a-days even start.

Darelle Revis loves the punishment of a 7 hour "off-season" just to see how much his body can endure. Sullivan made sure his workouts focused on improving Revis' footwork and agility to keep up with some of the fastest receivers out there. That's why he is a perennial All-Star and considered the best cornerback since Deion Sanders. 

Revis' work on the field isn't all he does. Revis and his off-season coach bring a list of opposing receivers he would be pitted against under Coach Rex Ryan, and they go over film on each, breaking down their opponent's weaknesses and learning to counteract their strengths. 

After Revis' long holdout in the summer of 2010, Revis claimed a contract similar to that of a top quarterback, and is renowned as the league's best cornerback along with Oakland Raider's Asomugha and Denver Bronco's Champ Bailey. Revis loves to apply incredibly tight pressure on his receivers and makes sure he is in their back pocket throughout every movement, so he can knock the ball down or intercept it on every possession. Revis faced some of the best receivers in the league in 2009 and shut them all down. Take a look at his stats from 2009:


These are Revis' stats last year (2009):

         WEEK 1 Vs TEXANS (Andre Johnson)
         4 Receptions - 35 Yards - 0 TD's
         WEEK 2 Vs PATRIOTS (Randy Moss)
         4 Receptions - 29 Yards - 0 TD's

WEEK 3 Vs TITANS (Justin Gage)
3 Receptions - 33 Yards - 0 TD's
WEEK 4 Vs SAINTS (Marques Colston)
2 Receptions - 28 Yards - 0 TD's
WEEK 6 Vs BILLS (Terrell Owens)
3 Receptions - 13 Yards - 0 TD's
WEEK 7 Vs RAIDERS (Louis Murphy)
1 Reception- 6 Yards- 0 TD's
WEEK 11 Vs PATRIOTS (Randy Moss)
5 Receptions - 34 Yards - 1 TD
WEEK 8 Vs DOLPHINS (Ted Ginn Jr.)
0 Receptions - 0 Yards = 0 TD's
WEEK 10 Vs JAGUARS (Mike Sims Walker)
0 Receptions - 0 Yards - 1 TD
WEEK 11 Vs PATRIOTS (Randy Moss)
4 Receptions - 29 Yards - 1 TD
WEEK 12 Vs PANTHERS (Steve Smith)
1 Reception - 4 Yards - 0 TD's
WEEK 13 Vs BILLS (Terrell Owens)
3 Receptions - 31 Yards - 0 TD's
WEEK 15 Vs ATLANTA (Roddy White)
4 Receptions - 33 Yards - 0 TD's
WEEK 16 Vs INDIANAPOLIS (Reggie Wayne)
3 Receptions - 33 Yards - 0 TD's
WEEK 17 Vs CINCINNATI (Chad Johnson)
0 Receptions - 0 Yards - 0 TD's
WC Vs CINCINNATI (Chad Johnson)
2 Receptions - 2 - 28 yards - 0TD's

They call this the Revis Effect .The argument has to be made that Revis is not only the best cornerback in the league, but the best defensive player in the league. The stats don't even do Revis justice, because if you watched New York Jets games last year you'd clearly understand how special this guy is and how integral he is to the Jet defense. Blitz packages can be sent to bumrush the quarterback and safeties don't have to drop back in double coverage. More help can be brought to the other side of the field or the safeties and linebackers can play up to make a big play or stop the run more efficiently. Lastly, statistics of all the other guys go up- interceptions by the corners who are covering the receivers that the QB throws to instead of the stuffed WR on Revis Island, sacks go up because the quarterback can't release the ball in time because no one is open, more tackles are made inside the box when they have to do short passes instead of their long routes, and more fumbles are created when they have to rush the ball instead of pass. I call this the Revis ripple effect.

Revis has been hindered most of the 2010 season with a hamstring injury, that he sustained during the 1st game of the season against the Baltimore Ravens (where he said he felt tightness). Revis then suffered a more major injury the following week against the New England Patriotson a play when he had to cover Randy Moss downfield for more than a 40 yard stride length, whereupon Moss made a spectacular one hand grab for the Touchdown.

Revis hasn't been the same player that he was in 2009 since that injury occurred, however he said that he feels 100% for the upcoming game against the Green Bay Packers on Sunday, October 26, at the New Meadowlands Stadium.






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Date Published : 2010-10-25 15:54:46
Written By : Jaret Grossman