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Daily Motivation- Work Ethic

Daily Motivation- Work Ethic

Nothing is better than seeing someone motivated or inspired to make his or her life better. That's why we created Muscle Prodigy in the first place. We want to serve as your daily motivation and inspiration to reach your goals and better your life. We will provide you with a motivational and inspirational piece to give you a daily boost when you're feeling either tired, sad, depressed, irritable, lazy, unmotivated, hopeless, apathetic, etc. When you're feeling down, having a bad day, or just need some entertainment, be sure to check our Homepage on for a new motivational and inspirational segment. If it truly inspires us than it will truly inspire you.



The best boxers in this world, like Floyd Mayweather, Manny Pacquiao, Roy Jones Jr., and Muhammad Ali, are honored for their swagger and revered by fans. However, what is lost in their fame and glory is their rise up- what it took to get to the top. It takes guts, passion, self-respect, discipline, persistence, action, and most importantly, work ethic. Days and nights, these guys locked themselves in the gym with a significant discipline to push their bodies and minds to their absolute limit in an attempt to improve.


So the boxers who are consistently the best in the ring, are in essence, the ones who trained like they were the best. They hit the weights the hardest, they ran the hardest, they sparred the hardest. Their preparation was simply tougher than their opponents. They kept training and training, and believing in themselves throughout the entire way even, when the critics would never give them a chance. That's what seperates them from the rest. The great athletes and most successful people in this world all have one thing in common: work ethic. So you need to ask yourself if you have it? 

Watch this video, made exclusively by Muscle Prodigy TV, and see the meaning of work ethic…





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Jaret is the co-founder of Muscle Prodigy and a well-known name in motivation. He’s been a motivational support figure for millions of people and literally changed their way of thinking through a wide ranging number of techniques such as online communication, public speaking, YouTube videos, and Internet-featured articles.

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