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Daily Motivation- Stop Making Excuses

Daily Motivation- Stop Making Excuses


Nothing is better than seeing someone motivated or inspired to make his or her life better. That's why we created Muscle Prodigy in the first place. We want to serve as your daily motivation and inspiration to reach your goals and better your life. We will provide you with a motivational and inspirational piece to give you a daily boost when you're feeling either tired, sad, depressed, irritable, lazy, unmotivated, hopeless, apathetic, etc. When you're feeling down, having a bad day, or just need some entertainment, be sure to check our Homepage on for a new motivational and inspirational segment. If it truly inspires us than it will truly inspire you.


We all have bad days. We all have little lulls and things that hold us back. But we should never make excuses. Somewhere out there, someone has always got it worse than you. If you have a stressful job, that doesn't mean you can't get to the gym. We all have stressful jobs. Some people work two to three jobs just to get by. You can still find 15-30 minutes in your day to get some form of intense exercise.

We also need to be more cognizant of our actions and not let the little things bog you down. If you are late for work because of traffic, that doesn't mean you have to lose your temper and start cursing at the world. Things happen...just roll with the punches. It's about getting up from the knockdowns in life. Whenever you have a bad day, just take a peek at this video:









Check out Jaret Grossman's book, Devote Yourself to an Ideal, which will completely transform your mind, physique, and life:


Jaret is the co-founder of Muscle Prodigy and a well-known name in motivation. He’s been a motivational support figure for millions of people and literally changed their way of thinking through a wide ranging number of techniques such as online communication, public speaking, YouTube videos, and Internet-featured articles.

You can also get one-on-one coaching by Jaret for a surprisingly affordable monthly fee. Fill out the form on or contact him at so he can help you squeeze the most out of life and help you achieve greatness. He does everything through phone/Skype and email so location is never an issue at all. It will be the best decision of your life to bring on a mentor to help you reach your goals significantly faster. 



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