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Daily Motivation- Chris Paul's Grandfather Game

Daily Motivation- Chris Paul's Grandfather Game



Nothing is better than seeing someone motivated or inspired to make his or her life better. That's why we created Muscle Prodigy in the first place. We want to serve as your daily motivation and inspiration to reach your goals and better your life. We will provide you with a motivational and inspirational piece to give you a daily boost when you're feeling either tired, sad, depressed, irritable, lazy, unmotivated, hopeless, apathetic, etc. When you're feeling down, having a bad day, or just need some entertainment, be sure to check our Homepage on for a new motivational and inspirational segment. If it truly inspires us than it will truly inspire you.




With so much buzz surrounding the Chris Paul proposed trade to the Lakers, we decided to find a Chris Paul video. No, this isn't a highlight video. This is more than that. This is an inspiring story that aired on ESPN back in 2002. 


Only a day after signing his letter of intent, Chris Paul found out that his grandfather was tragically murdered. He was beaten and robbed by a group of teens as he unloaded groceries from his car in his driveway. Five teenagers tied Jones' hands behind his back, taped his mouth, and beat him around the head and face. His grandfather, Nathanial Jones, was discovered by Paul's father, after he died from cardiac arrest. He was 61. Over 2,000 people honored the memories of Jones at his funeral four days later. The suspects were caught and are currently still serving 14-year terms with some serving life. 

The next day, fueled by the suggestion of an aunt, an emotionally devastated Paul scored 61 points in honor of his grandfather, one point for every year his grandfather lived. He did it during West Forsyth's 2002-2003 season opener, the high school team Paul played for.

Despite Paul's previous career high being 39 points, by halftime, he had racked up 32 points in 16 minutes. When Paul reached the 61-point mark late in the 4th quarter, he purposely air-balled a free throw, then took himself out of the game to hug his family on the sidelines, even though the state high school scoring record of 66 points was well within reach.


Watch this video, aired by ESPN, that really touches the heart and shows the importance of family. Sure, Chris Paul may be forcing his way out of New Orleans via trade, but his story really sparks an inspiring tale and really characterizes that you can do whatever you want as long as you believe in your abilities.













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