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Daily Motivation- Arnold's Six Secrets to Success

Daily Motivation- Arnold's Six Secrets to Success


Nothing is better than seeing someone motivated or inspired to make his or her life better. That's why we created Muscle Prodigy in the first place. We want to serve as your daily motivation and inspiration to reach your goals and better your life. We will provide you with a motivational and inspirational piece to give you a daily boost when you're feeling either tired, sad, depressed, irritable, lazy, unmotivated, hopeless, apathetic, etc. When you're feeling down, having a bad day, or just need some entertainment, be sure to check our Homepage on for a new motivational and inspirational segment. If it truly inspires us than it will truly inspire you.



Arnold Schwarzenegger is one of the greatest men in our generation. He's one of the few men who draws attention from people in the fitness community, the acting community, and in politics. He was one of the greatest bodybuilders of all time. Then, he transformed himself into an actor, where he became the pinnacle of an action hero and the highest paid actor during his generation. After his acting career was through, he decided to go into politics. Instead of starting out small, he came out slugging and went straight to running for governor of California. He won.  Basically, everything Arnold does becomes a success. Why? How did Arnold become so good at it? Well, it's simple. He believed in himself and worked his butt off during the entire process. He was willing to outwork anyone at anything. To give you an example, when he came into acting, no one gave him a chance, stating that his acting skills were poor and he had too thick of an accent. Instead, of just writing it off as a failure, he worked on his accent everyday to fine tune it while studying hours and hours of film and reading books to improve his facial expressions. Arnold is someone we will always look up to because of his committment to hard work and success. Now, you can learn from him. Arnold keys in on the 6 secrets to success in the video below. 

Arnold's six rules are:

1) Trust Yourself
2) Break the Rules 
3) Don't Be Afraid to Fail
4) Don't Listen to the Naysayers
5) Work Your Butt Off
6) Giving Back

Check out the abbreviated version of his speech below, because it was one of the greatest speeches in our history. 










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