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Daily Motivation- Achieving Greatness

Daily Motivation- Achieving Greatness

Nothing is better than seeing someone motivated or inspired to make his or her life better. That's why we created Muscle Prodigy in the first place. We want to serve as your daily motivation and inspiration to reach your goals and better your life. We will provide you with a motivational and inspirational piece to give you a daily boost when you're feeling either tired, sad, depressed, irritable, lazy, unmotivated, hopeless, apathetic, etc. When you're feeling down, having a bad day, or just need some entertainment, be sure to check our Homepage on for a new motivational and inspirational segment. If it truly inspires us than it will truly inspire you.

No one is ever born great. It is not an innate quality reserved to a few who are born with it. Instead, greatness lies in every single one of us. We all have the ability to be great, however, the difference lies in what we are willing to do to get there and how we're going to do it. It's not enough to do something, but doing it right is what is particularly important.

We all wake up in the morning with a choice. This is a redemptive power, because that choice is simply up to us. We can either be as productive as possible during the day or we can seek immediate gratification. We can work out or we can watch TV. We can do problems to brush up on our math or we can play video games. We can go through the motions at work or we can actually put in our all to make a difference. That choice is solely up to yours to make, and it ultimately, will have the biggest direct consequence on your success in life. One day does not seem to make a difference in the grand scheme of things, but you need each 1 to get to 1000. So, in succession, every day is equally as important, and it is the idea of adding up day after day of doing the productive things to make you successful over time. 

The people who have achieved some level of greatness (politicians, community leaders, athletes, businessmen, etc.), who you look up to, they are the ones who made the choice to work endlessly to become great, all because they believed that they would get there one day. It all starts with your belief system and your thought process. He who says he can and he who says he cannot, are both usually right. If you believe you can, you will be surprised at how far it will take you. The average person would quit after they got cut from their high school basketball team. Michael Jordan was simply not average because he believed he would be great. You can be great too, but you need to believe in it and then act upon that belief day after day after day. 

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