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Cristiano Ronaldo Workout

Cristiano Ronaldo Workout


Cristiano Ronaldo workout training routine is built around playing soccer. He sometimes practices over 5 hours a day. Soccer is built on interval training, constantly changing speeds. Sometimes he would run at full sprint for the ball and sometimes maintain a steady jog throughout the field. Therefore, Ronaldo concentrates on HIT training (high intensity interval training), which helps maintain his ripped muscle body and six pack abs. Ronaldo is known to do over 3,000 situps a day and has bodyfat well under 10%. 


Ronaldo maintains a healthy diet, primarily eating good carbohydrates and protein but generally avoiding fat. An approrpiate breakfast for Ronaldo would be whole wheat cereal, lunch would be tuna sandwich and dinner may be grilled chicken and baked potato. He would snack throughout the day to keep his metabolism in check.

Ronaldo and Drogba are known as two of the fittest
soccer players in the world. I think their physiques
speak volumes...





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Date Published : 2010-10-19 09:09:53
Written By : Richard Allen

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