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Comparison of the Top 5 Resistance Band Sets

Comparison of the Top 5 Resistance Band Sets


Exercise bands for resistance training are becoming increasingly popular with those in fitness programs. The reasons are simple. Resistance bands provide a total body workout, accommodating practically every exercise, and they are portable, making them a perfect piece of exercise equipment to use at home, in the office, or at a hotel room.


However, when you go to shop for fitness tubes, you will find that there is a seemingly endless variety to choose from, making a decision difficult to say the least. Many people just pick up the first selection they come across and then end up disappointed when their purchase either doesn’t meet their needs or malfunctions prematurely.

In order to help you with your selection, we’ve listed the top 5 resistance band sets on the market today for you to compare and review before making a purchase. Our selections are based on product quality, value and how the set meets your needs. Here is a comparison of the top 5 resistance bands sets...





#1 Resistance Band Set – Black Mountain Products (B.M.P.)


The set of exercise bands made by Black Mountain Products heads the top of our list. It includes 5 fitness tubes of varying weight strengths which are made of high quality, surgical-grade rubber tubing. They are also color-coded for easy weight strength determination and progress tracking. Also, each tube contains padded handles for added comfort and numerous tubes can be attached to the same pair of handles, making it easy to exercise with compounded resistance.

Besides the actual resistance bands, the set includes a door anchor so you can attach your bands to practically any door increasing the effectiveness of various exercises, an ankle harness making lower body exercises a breeze, an instruction booklet and a carrying bag for easy storage and transport.

The exercise tubes by Black Mountain Products are also a great value. The entire set retails for $39.99, but can be purchased for only $26.99 at Amazon. More advanced fitness buffs can get the Strong Man set which contains the same items of the standard set only it features a sixth super-heavy quality tube for greater resistance. The Strong Man resistance band set retails for $44.99 and can be purchased on Amazon for $32.99. 





#2 Resistance Band Set – SPRI



SPRI offers an Advanced Traveling Trainer resistance band set. The SPRI set also uses high quality rubber tubing made from their patented Tuff Tube™ element which increases the life of the rubber. SPRI fitness tubes are also color-coded for easy resistance weight identification and tracking.

The Advanced Traveling Trainer set comes with only 3 resistance tubes which drops it a notch on our list. Additional tubes can be purchased from their website, but they are $9.98 each. The set also lacks an ankle harness, reducing the number of exercises which the bands can be used for.

Besides the 3 color-coded fitness bands, the Advanced Traveling Trainer set includes a door anchor, exercise charts, an exercise tube DVD (Michael Sena’s Traveling Training Anywhere… Anytime) and a carrying case.

The set lists for $44.99, but can be found at Amazon for $39.99 making this resistance band set a mediocre value, especially since it only contains 3 bands and lacks the ankle harness. 





#3 Resistance Band Set – Bodylastics



The Bodylastics resistance band set is our third pick. It contains 5 quality surgical-grade rubber tubes which are color-coded and contain an Anti-Snap Technology. A nice feature with these tubes is that the weight equivalency is stamped onto the tubes so you know exactly what you’re using. 

Besides the actual exercise tubes, the Bodylastics set comes with 2 handles, 2 ankle/wrist straps, 2 nice door anchors, an instruction booklet and a carry bag. The set is priced a bit steep at $53.95 (reduced from $62.95 retail), but a basic set is available which only contains 4 bands for $43.95 (reduced from $53.95 retail) which is also priced high. 





#4 Resistance Band Set – Workoutz




The Workoutz set contains 5 high quality latex rubber resistance tubes which are color-coded. It contains 10 lbs of greater tension than the Bodylastics set, but the clips are made of polycarbonate which makes them much weaker than the metal ones used in the previous sets.

Besides the 5 exercise bands, the set includes 2 handles, a door anchor, ankle straps, instruction booklet and carrying case. The PVC handles are not padded nor are the ankle straps which is a drawback. The door anchor is also of inferior quality. The Workoutz resistance band set can be purchased for $39.95. Not a bad price, but the quality is less than the above sets. 





#5 Resistance Band Set – Ripcords


The Ripcords Power Tension 5 Pack set contain 5 color-coded quality rubber bands. Although the tubes have more tension than most sets, the Achilles heel is that the handles are permanently attached which makes combining tubes impossible. The PVC handles are also not padded, making them uncomfortable to use.

The set also includes a door anchor which, like the Workoutz set, is of inferior quality. However, the Ripcords fitness tube set does not include an ankle harness which will severely hinder your lower body workouts. The $44.90 price tag is quite steep for single band usage without ankle straps.







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