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Home Health & Lifestyle Health & Fitness News Coke & Pepsi to Reduce Level of 'Cancer' Chemical

Coke & Pepsi to Reduce Level of 'Cancer' Chemical

Coke & Pepsi to Reduce Level of 'Cancer' Chemical


Coke and Pepsi are changing a caramel coloring in their sodas in the wake of a California law that requires a cancer warning label. This California law sets limits on chemicals known to cause cancer or toxicity. The companies will be reducing the levels of the chemical 4-methylimidazole (4-MEI). Researchers found that this chemical is shown to cause cancer in lab rodents. 

Both Coke and Pepsi said that the popular soda recipes will not be affected.

The cancer link was based on a single study in lab mice and rats. It is believed that consumers would have to drink almost 3,000 cans of soda a day for 70 years to reach comparable doses of a cancer link to rodents. 

This is an interesting study. It really shows how even the smallest health risk that is relatively unproven can lead to a massive change. The fact that you would need to drink thousands of soda cans a day to reach a comparable cancer level that the rodents had shows that this finding may be almost insignificant. In my opinion, there should be a little more research conducted about a potential cancer link before making the two biggest beverage companies in the world change a big ingredient. I mean, who drinks thousands of soda cans a day anyways? A 1,000 soda cans a day (at 150 calories a can) is 150,000 calories, not including all that sugar and artifiical ingredients you are taking in. Can the human body even consume that much? Not possible.




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