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CJ Caprio Interview

CJ Caprio Interview

MP: What made you want to go down the road of a fitness-oriented life in terms of modeling and photoshooting?
CJ: I consider myself to be quite a creative person. Modeling allows me to express myself because it involves putting together outfits, doing my hair and my makeup, and posing. There is a lot more effort that goes into it than one may think. I also consider photo shoots to be measurable goals of accomplishment that I set for myself because it takes many weeks of planning and commitment in order to prepare for them.

MP: How do you stay relaxed in front of the camera?

CJ: I live in the moment. I don't stress about what I could have done or what I should do in the future. There's nothing else that I can do except be myself. I want the camera to capture my personality as well as my body.


MP: Do you ever feel embarrassed when making certain revealing poses (not that you should be)?

CJ: Sure, but then I don't do them. If it doesn't feel right then it will show on my face and the pictures won't turn out good anyways.


MP: How did these top-notch fitness magazines come across you?

CJ: I've been fitness modeling for many years now. I enjoy networking with people in the industry. Over time, people start to recognize you.


MP: With all the vices that are out there that many people succumb to, you always manage to stay focused. What drives you to stay so motivated to keep that incredible body?

CJ: My state of mind. When I am especially fit, I am happy and healthy. I hold onto to these memories by reviewing old pictures, experimenting with recipes and constructing new training plans. I also have my on seasons and off seasons. I don't think it's healthy to be super lean all year. It's important to give your body and mind a break every once in a while so that you don't plateau. Love your body! Don't punish it for being something that you believe it's not. Motivation must come from inside yourself. It's the only body you have, so you might as well treat it right!


MP: A lot of girls want to know how to get thin and lean, but don't want to lose their breast size. What would be your advice to them?

CJ: I would ask her why her breast size is important and explore how it relates to her self-concept as an individual. It's important for a girl to embrace her own look that features her favorite assets.


MP: How do you find time for the gym with everything else going on in your life?

CJ: That's a really good question. Ha-Ha. Sometimes I wonder about that answer myself. Exercise is an important form of self-care because it allows me to release pent up energy and tension I experience during the day. I believe that the mind-body connection is very strong. I am the most emotionally content when I am physically active. The more positive I feel, the more efficient and effective I am. Ultimately, taking an hour out of my day to exercise facilitates success in all areas in my life.


MP: From our understanding, you have a heavy interest in Taekwondo and you even know Mandarin. We are very curious. Explain this interest of yours to us and our viewers?

CJ: I enjoy challenging myself by learning new things because it makes life more exciting and out of the ordinary. These new skills contribute to the richness of my life story and the meaning I derive from it. I decided to take taekwondo because I appreciate the spiritual component and wanted to learn how to defend myself if I was ever in a compromising situation. I studied mandarin at university and then got a scholarship to live and study there. My classes were all in mandarin and barely anyone spoke English so it was a difficult adjustment for me. I find that one learns the most about oneself during times of adversity.


MP: What is something people would be surprised to know about you?

CJ: I had cancer a few years ago. It's gone, but there's a piece of my right leg missing and a scar in it's place. I think it adds character. What doesn't kill you only makes you stronger.


MP: If you could have dinner with anybody dead or alive who would it be and why?

CJ: I would have dinner with Betty Paige. I admire her classic and edgy style and would love to hear about her experience as "The Queen of Pin-Ups". She seemed intelligent and had a charismatic personality that resonated in her pictures.  Betty seemed to have many dimensions to her character. I'm especially interested in her inherent contradictions. She was naughty yet nice, shy yet daring, simple yet exotic. I wonder why she stopped modeling at the height of her popularity.


MP: What is your dream job?

CJ: Inspiring others to achieve a greater sense of health and well-being.


MP: What kind of admirable traits do you look for in a guy?

CJ: I look for intelligence, confidence, ambition and creativity. I dislike it when guys are arrogant, controlling and/or judgmental. In relationships, the most important quality a man can have is respect.


MP: How is life in Vancouver different from the U.S.?

CJ: Although I am American, I have never lived in the US. Vancouver is one of the nicest places in North America to live because of the mountains, ocean, and west coast urban style. It rains a lot here, but I find it refreshing and a better alternative to snow. I grew up in Edmonton, so I'm used to dealing with extremely cold weather. I feel so spoiled in Vancouver!


MP: What are your future goals and plans in life?

CJ: My main goal is to finish grad school. I would also like to compete gain, shoot for more magazines, and travel to other foreign countries.
Photos are credited to 323 Photographix, J3 Photo, Troy Fleece and Larry Niven.

CJ's Work

  • Featured in Robert Kennedy's AMERICAN CURVES magazine
  • Issue #42, p. 48-53. Published a few other times from 2002-2005 under a different alibi.
  • Featured VEX GIRL by VEX magazine June 2008-December 2008 catalogue
  • Featured by Xtremelifestyles Mag "Xtremelifestyles Hottie"
  • STATUS FITNESS magazine model directory
  • Interviewed by Modelgraphy, an interactive modelling community
  • We Select Models, exclusive modeling/photography/acting promotional tool

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Date Published : 2010-01-29 17:12:35
Written By : Muscle Prodigy