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Home Training Celebrity Workouts Christian Bale (Batman) and Tom Hardy (Bane) Fitness Workouts for The Dark Knight Rises

Christian Bale (Batman) and Tom Hardy (Bane) Fitness Workouts for The Dark Knight Rises

Christian Bale (Batman) and Tom Hardy (Bane) Fitness Workouts for The Dark Knight Rises


Superheroes are tough. They have to be in order to keep the world safe from the equally tough (although rarely successful) super villains. When Christian Bale received the part of Batman, he had to transform into a ripped form that complemented the guardian of Gotham City. This wasn’t an easy task since he had only 5 months to change from a 121 pound anorexic character in The Machinist. However, in that span of time, Christian Bale gained literally 100 pounds to weigh in at around 220 lbs. He also increased his power, speed and agility.




You can see a big change in Bale's look from his role in The Machinist to Batman. He gained 100 pounds
in around 5 months. 



In The Dark Knight Rises, the third Gotham adventure film, Batman is confronted by the masked villain Bane, a muscle laden genius brawler who, through a prison experiment, was amassed with super strength and agility by receiving a secret steroid drug called Venom. The English film star Tom Hardy captured this role and had to morph into this beast of a man by the time film started rolling. Hardy, like Bale, also made the weight and we’ll look at the fitness program they used to deliver their on-screen performances.



You can see that Hardy really fits the role of Bane well. 






If you want to look like a jacked celebrity, you must follow a precise strength training, conditioning, and nutrition program. MP45 is a step-by-step workout program that walks you through exactly what to do to improve your physique. This is the type of training and nutrition followed by many of the world's top celebrities.


This product is not endorsed by any of the celebrities featured on this page

Super Fitness Workouts

Superheroes and super villains alike not only need crazy strength, but they also need martial arts style agility. This is certainly the case with Batman who possesses no super powers and it is a modified characteristic in Bane who was made to be extra agile through his not so pleasant Venom experiment. 

Therefore, both acting parts required muscle speed and agility training through plyometric workouts as well as brute strength training for large muscle mass gains. So, whether you want to bulk up like the crime fighting leader of the Dynamic Duo, or you’d rather be ripped like the Bane beast, follow this workout program for maximum muscle gains, speed and agility.

This Super exercise program is designed as a 3-day split with elements of compound weight training, plyometric circuit training and interval training which address the needs of superheroes, super villains and mixed martial arts fighters. The Super Workout should be done every week with a day of rest between each segment of the program and an extra day of rest taken after the first segment which contains the largest load bearing exercises. Where applicable, do 3 sets with each containing 8-12 repetitions. Use enough weight to bring your targeted muscles to failure, or near failure, by the last set.



The second teaser poster of The Dark Knight Rises.



Super Workout #1 – Strength Training

  • Pull-ups/Barbell Bent Over Rows Superset – Day 1 of your Super Workout is designed to hit your major muscle groups and, because large amounts of weight are used, you should begin with this superset to warm up. Do 3 sets of pull-ups followed immediately by 3 sets of barbell bent over rows. For bent over rows, bend over and grasp a weighted barbell, bend your knees slightly and keep your back straight and horizontal to the floor. Lift the barbell up to your torso while maintaining a straight back and bent knees.

  • Clean and Presses – This is a good exercise to increase power as well as muscle mass. With an explosive action, lift the weighted barbell off of the floor and stop momentarily at chest level in a standing position. Then, press the barbell overhead, again with an explosive movement.

  • Squats – This exercise is a staple in any strength training program as it works the entire lower body. Position yourself under a weighted barbell on a squat rack, raise up and step away to clear the rack. Lower into a squatting position while keeping your back straight. Powerfully press the weight back to a standing position.





Super Workout #2 – Speed Training

  • Lunges – Lunges can be done either with a weighted barbell or with dumbbells. Doing the exercise with dumbbells will assist with developing grip strength. Barbell – Position a weighted barbell across the back of your shoulders, keeping your back straight. Take a large lunging step forward with one leg and lower until your back knee almost touches the ground. Do not allow your front knee to pass the plane of your toes. Press back to a standing position and repeat with the other leg. Dumbbells – Use the same motion only holding dumbbells down at your sides.

  • Jump Squats – This is an excellent exercise for developing leg power and muscle definition. Stand with your feet about shoulder width apart and either place your hands behind your head or cross your arms in front of you. Lower into a squatting position until your thighs are parallel with the floor. Jump explosively upward as high as you can and bring your knees up towards your chest while in the air. Land with bent knees, go immediately back into a squat position and repeat. You can modify jump squats by holding dumbbells in each hand which will build even greater explosive power in your legs as well as help strengthen your grip.

  • Jogging with Sprints – Use a track if you have access to one. Otherwise, choose a running route that will allow you to do full speed sprints numerous times throughout your run. Start off jogging until you are warmed up and then burst into a full speed sprint for approximately a quarter mile. Return to a jog until you recover and repeat with another sprint. Begin with a distance and number of sprints that is comfortable and increase both as your conditioning improves.





Super Workout #3 – Agility Training

  • Dumbbell Flyes/Bench Press Superset – Your warm up exercise for this segment of the Super Workout begins with 3 sets of dumbbell flyes followed immediately by 3 sets of bench presses.

  • Clap Pushups – This exercise will give you the muscle-building benefits of pushups while developing both muscle speed and power through the plyometric movement. Get into a pushup position, lower yourself down until your chest is just off the floor and keeping your back straight and explosively push yourself up and off the floor, clapping your hands in midair. Land and immediately return to a crouched position and repeat.

  • Lateral Jumps – Like the clap pushups, lateral jumps are a plyometric exercise designed to develop explosive power in your legs. Start by standing on one foot and jump sideways about 1 yard. Land on the ball of your foot and immediately jump back to the other leg. You can modify lateral jumps by jumping with both legs at the same time, 1 yard to one side and 1 yard back, or you can do box jumps off of a stepper (or other secure object) to one side, back up and onto the stepper and to the other side.













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