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Chris Evans Workout

Chris Evans Workout



When you hear Chris Evans, you don't really think to yourself "jacked"? But wow, did he impress the world with his ripped body in the film Captain America. Quite a difference from Fantastic Four. Chris Evans workout training routine concentrates on bodyweight workouts. Here is a sample of what he did to get in shape:

1. Pullups
2. Bodyweight Squats
3. Chair Dips
4. Calf Raises
5. Inverted Row
6. Lunges
7. Decline Pushups
8. 1 Leg Deadlifts
9. Chinups
10. Jump Rope

However, there is some footage of Evans training in a gym with weights. Check the video below.




Even doing bodyweight exercises can help you get a body like this. 


Our Take: As you can see, Evans does bodyweight exercises, which is a great alternative to weight based workouts. Pushups, pull-ups and bodyweight squats are some of the most fundamental workouts to do and Evans does just that. Although weight training is the best way to build muscle, bodyweight exercises provide that stimulus to grow so long as you go intense. They will mainly keep you lean and will certainly keep you in shape. However, Evans has some great muscle mass so his bodyweight exercises could have got him that way. Everyone grows differently from workouts so bodyweight workouts could actually work best for some people.



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