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Chocolate Gets Skinny

Chocolate Gets Skinny



This may be the end of chocolate bars as we know it. Mars, the makers of Snickers and M&M's, will stop selling chocolate products with more than 250 calories in them by the end of next year. This is all in an effort to curb the nation's growing obesity epidemic. 

Candy like the king-size Snickers bar, containing 510 calories, will no longer be available. The company also makes other candy favorites like Twix, Skittles, and Milky Way bars, along with the snack Combos. They also make the popular gum Juicy Fruit. Some of their products, like M&Ms, Twix and Juicy Fruit, will be largely unaffected because they already fall under the 250-calorie limit. 

Mars also said it will eliminate trans fats from its products and aims, by 2015, to cut sodium in its products by 25 percent from 2007 levels. 

Although this may seem like a big win for the ongoing obesity epidemic, it may not change much. A 510 calorie Snickers bar is much more likely to fill you up than one that has half the calories. Calories are what fill you up. More likely than not, you may just purchase twice the amount, realizing the lack of calories may not satisfy your cravings. Also, we're mainly talking about the children here. Adults can make their own decisions and they know what can affect their bodies in either a positive or negative way. It is the children who really don't know better and these are what the candy companies are trying to steer in a better direction. However, candy is candy. It's all about moderation. It has to do more with good parenting and self-control than anything. While I applaud Mars' attempts to be more responsible, it may not really change much. It is certainly a good first step for kids health. Only time will tell how effective it really is.




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