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Chad Ochocinco Workout

Chad Ochocinco Workout


Chad Ochocinco works out his jaw as much as his body, but that doesn't mean either is lagging. The 6x Pro Bowler trains very hard and makes sure that he puts out an All-Pro body on the field to be ready for an All-Pro performance for the Bengals. On any day you see Chad, you'll see him doing multiple workouts a day as shown below including conditioning on the field, weight work in the gym, and boxing routines with professional trainers.


Perhaps you don't know him for his work ethic but rather for his questionable on-field behavior. Chad has earned nationwide attention for his flamboyant attitude, which is often seen during his infamous end zone celebrations after catching touchdowns. However, he has been the Bengals number one wide receiver in the history of its franchise and #85 did a lot of preparation along the way to have gotten there. Chad does an awful lot of field work to get to where he is and perhaps that is why he is so fast. He does a lot of sprints and high intensity work to make sure that he can go all out during any given play and beat his opponents off the line.  Chad gets up at 5:30 am. He eats oatmeal, scrambled eggs, and boiled eggs and then he does his morning conditioning routine from 6 AM to 7 AM. For instance, as you can see in the video below a routine that he does looks something like this:


Slow High Knees

Fast High Knees

5 Yard Sprints

15 Yard Sprints

20 Yard Sprints Pushing a Weighted Sled

40 Yard Sprints

20 Yard Sprints Carrying a Weighted Sled




Doing sprints and high intensity training like this gives Ochocinco more power,
explosion, and speed, in which he can beat out cornerbacks for a touchdown. 






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Then Chad goes back to the gym to do a weightlifting routine. He doesn't lift to get heavy but he does it to prevent getting injured. He knows he has to do it, so he puts in the time to build a muscular physique that will remain speedy quick. He's not looking to break any bench press records, but he wants to be as durable as he can be to last for a 16 game season. You'll see Chad doing a lot of injury prevention work for his shoulders and a lot of explosive work including bench presses with chains and fast cable crossovers.


Below is a sample conditioning routine that Chad does that focuses on route running, footwork, and agility. You'll see that Chad does a lot of work with orange cones and a lot of short explosive sprints. He goes all out on each sprint and that trains his body to do exactly what he needs to for a football game. In order to beat the cornerbacks off the line he needs to have that first quick step and that's what Chad aims to do in all of his conditioning workouts. Check out the video below:










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Date Published : 2011-12-10 04:22:14
Written By : Jaret Grossman