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Home Sport-Specific The Sports Column Carly Thornton to Hit the Wrestling Ring

Carly Thornton to Hit the Wrestling Ring

Carly Thornton to Hit the Wrestling Ring


Get ready pro wrestlers and pro wrestling fans! One of this week’s hot wrestling scoops is that bodybuilder and fitness model Carly Thornton has announced she is making her move into professional wrestling. An avid, long time wrestling fan, 30-year-old Carly has dreamed of climbing in the ring and she will soon have her chance.

The Billericay, England native will strike out to Liverpool for an audition with the American World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) firm on November 7th and 8th. Her bid to be added to the prestigious WWE wrestling roster is made possible by the firm’s move to bring to the UK its popular franchise SmackDown.

The WWE (formally the World Wrestling Federation or WWF) has produced such superstar professional wrestlers as The Rock, Hulk Hogan, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Ultimate Warrior and John Cena who Carly admits is one of her favorites. 

If she passes the initial wrestling muster, Carly will train in Miami, Florida and then, if she qualifies at training, she will receive a contract and join the ranks of the other wrestling divas of the WWE. Divas compete against each other as well as escort the male pro wresters down the aisle to the ring.

At 5 foot 6 inches and 11 stone, Carly is a talented weightlifter and boxer, but has never attempted wrestling. 

“I am really excited and I am training really hard,” Carly shared this week with the Gazette.


She went on to say, “I am quite a tomboy, so it fits into my kind of lifestyle. It is appealing because the women are very strong and very sexy.”

Sexy indeed! Not only do WWE wrestling fans get to watch these athletic professional wrestlers grapple it out for a shot at the championship wrestling belt, but they get to enjoy their grace and beauty as well. 

Best of luck to Carly Thornton in her bid to join the elevated ranks of the other fabulous WWE pro wrestlers!

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