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Cardio That Burns Fat and Maintains Muscle Mass

Cardio That Burns Fat and Maintains Muscle Mass

Do your cardio to burn fat and save your muscle mass! If you are regularly doing 60-minute cardio sessions, you are losing some muscle mass. 

Cardio and oxygen help you with fat burning. Cardio is basically any exercise that works the heart and lungs with more intensity. Yes, you need consistent weight training but you also need consistent cardio training to burn fat, keep the weight off and stay healthy. 

Remember this:
cardio exercise doesn’t have to be aerobic! Aerobic exercise is an activity that is done continuously for more than 2 straight minutes (like treadmill and biking). If you want to tone up your body and look more sculpted, you should perform the majority of your cardio exercise using intervals (such as sprints). Cardio intervals would be something like 1 minute fast and 2 minutes jogging. Do this rotation for 20 minutes and your cardio interval workout is done (and effective)!

Doing cardio sprint intervals will activate your bulky fast-twitch muscle fibers to give you a more lean and toned body. Just take a look at an athlete who competes in a speed sport. Their bodies are "ripped" for a reason (most of their training is fast). Research has proven that the heart-health benefits of anaerobic exercise is superior to aerobic exercise. 

More calories need to be burned than are consumed in order for weight loss and fat loss to happen. An intense interval cardio session will help your body burn calories during and after your workout. This happens because the body needs to increase the amount of oxygen consumed in order to replenish energy and return your body to a resting state after your workout. So, the higher the intensity of your cardio workout, the more calories you will burn after your workout.

Other health benefits of cardio exercise are: improved circulation, increased red blood cell count, strengthened heart, improved lung capacity, lowered blood pressure, better endurance and overall risk reduction of heart health problems.

Do more fat-burning, muscle-saving cardio exercise!


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