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Cam Newton Workout

Cam Newton Workout


Cam Newton, the #1 overall NFL Draft pick of the Carolina Panthers, is a true beast on and off the football field. Newton immediately impressed NFL scouts with his impressive showing at the NFL Combine. Newton, with a height and weight of 6’5” and 248 lbs., ran a 4.59 40-yard dash with a 35-inch vertical leap. His 10 1/2-foot broad jump tied for tops among all quarterbacks. 



During the NFL Combine, you could see that Newton had the size and strength to be a viable
NFL quarterback. 


Even Bo Jackson, one of the greatest athletes to ever grace this earth, admires the athletic prowess of Newton. “When you speak of Cam Newton,” Bo Jackson said on the Jim Rome Show, “I’ll put it to you just like this: He has the arm strength and power of Dan Marino and John Elway combined. He is quicker than Michael Vick, faster than Michael Vick. And he will run over you with the power of a Jerome Bettis, Bo Jackson, Earl Campbell. That’s the kind of guy he is”. Obviosuly NFL coaches agree, because Cam Newton was selected #1 overall in the NFL draft in 2010.






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Sport Science did a very interesting analysis on what makes Newton so unique as a quarterback. Check it out here:






According to STACK Magazine, Newton spent part of his off-season at IMG Academies to stay conditioned and on top of his game heading into the NFL season. ”The problem was, we didn’t know when the end was going to be,” said Jeff Dillman, head strength and conditioning coach at IMG, told STACK. “We had to maintain their peaks.” One way Dillman was able to do that was by ensuring that Newton started his workout with a thorough Dynamic Warm-Up, which lasted anywhere from 45 to 50 minutes. A specific max effort day was designated for heavy singles, and on dynamic days, the athletes would try and bench the bar as quickly as possible. “The biggest thing”, says Dillman, “is keeping the explosive power.” No wonder Cam performs at the highest level; he's got the body to back it up. 



This could be a typical dynamic Bench day workout for Newton:


Bench Press

  • Select a weight that’s 70 to 80 percent of your one rep max
  • Focus on moving the bar as fast as possible
  • Perform reps explosively


Sets/Reps: 10×3-5






“The difference between the high school athlete and a pro athlete is the high school athlete will move [the bar] slow, and the pro athlete will want to move it as fast as possible,” said Dillman to STACK Magazine. ”Try and move the bar at the speed of light.” The bar needs to move up in preparation and practice, both in the gym and studying plays. Fast concentric lifts can cause more muscle activation since you need to produce more force to accelerate the weight. Research has shown that moving a heavy weight faster can recruit more muscle fibers.



Newton did a lot of different types of workouts with IMG, but the dynamic Bench workout was one of his primary lifts. Newton also focuses on doing Olympic lifts. Doing explosive, Olympic-style lifts consist of a very coordinated motion, which transfers well to football, especially with being a quarterback. You have to coordinate every joint and muscle of the body together in a rapid explosion, which is necessary to run through a linebacker for that extra yard. Some examples of workouts that Newton may focus on are the power clean, hang clean and push press. Newton also does a lot of squat work, which helps build up stronger hamstrings, glutes and hip flexors, in addition to building a strong core. You can see every leg muscle in his body at all times. 


Newton's 4.59 40 yard dash time was one of the highlights of his Combine performance. Newton's a rare breed
on the football field due to his combination of size, speed and strength.



In addition to doing resistance training, Newton does a lot of footwork drills, demonstrating his explosive burst and quickness through the ladder and cone drills. To add explosiveness in his hips, Newton jumps on boxes and over hurdles to get powerful extensions. Check out this video:




Check out some interesting behind-the-scenes action of Cam Newton’s first commercial, which he shares camera time with Tom Brady.




Cam Newton has done it all. Besides being the #1 overall NFL Draft pick this season, Newton won the Heisman Trophy and the BCS National Championship with Auburn. Newton has done it all at the college level. Let's see if he has what it takes to play with the big boys. We think so...




NOTE: This is only part of Cam Newton's workout routine, in which we offer some additional commentary to his regimen. To see the whole routine and to go more in-depth with athlete workouts, be sure to check out STACK Magazine












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Date Published : 2011-12-10 04:21:03
Written By : Richard Allen

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