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Home Training Celebrity Workouts Cam Gigandet Workout

Cam Gigandet Workout

Cam Gigandet Workout


Cam Gigandet might have one of the perfect bodies in terms of what a girl is looking for. Chiseled, lean, and muscular but without bulk. In a poor attempt at recreating Fight Club, the Twilight star got girls jumping out of their chairs in Never Back Down by coming through with an unbelievably ripped body. Gigandet was a reported 3% body fat for the role. Cam Gigandet's workout training routine for Never Back Down was as follows (weights included): 



Cam's reliance on high repetitions helped him build muscular
endurance and to keep his body from packing on additional mass.

Monday – Chest

25 push ups
Nautilus press 45, 55, 65
Nautilus incline press 55, 65, 70
Pec deck machine 40, 45, 50

Tuesday – Back

Pull ups
Seated rows 75, 80, 85
Lat pull downs 85, 90, 95
T- bar rows 50, 55, 60

Wednesday – Shoulders

Arnold press 35, 35, 35
laterals 15, 15, 15
front raises 10, 10, 10






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Thursday – Biceps & Triceps

nautilus curl machine 20, 25, 30
Ez curls cable 30, 35, 40
hammer curls 15, 20, 25
push downs 50, 55, 60


Treadmill 45 minutes 65-75% MHR

Saturday & Sunday- Off

Cam did 20-30 reps on all exercises to make him appear more cut.

As for his diet, Cam Gigandet had four protein packed meals per day and incorporated these foods into his diet to get that “cut” physique:

    * Spinach
    * Broccoli
    * Berries
    * Almonds
    * Eggs
    * Meat


Our Take: He did a solid mixture of both compound and isolation workouts to stimulate his muscles in different ways. As it seems, he doesn't do the most fundamental workouts (squats, deadlifts, barbell bench press) but he certainly has the body to show regardless. He did such high reps to really build up his muscular endurance. He ate super healthy to really contribute to his lean physique. 

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