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Home Training Get Ripped Burn Stomach Fat - How to Lose Belly Fat in Half the Time Than Traditional Exercises

Burn Stomach Fat - How to Lose Belly Fat in Half the Time Than Traditional Exercises

Burn Stomach Fat - How to Lose Belly Fat in Half the Time Than Traditional Exercises


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What's the secret to effectively burning stomach fat? To effectively burn stomach fat, you have to raise your metabolism. This is the key to burning belly fat.

Yet, too many people still think they can lose belly fat by doing hundreds of crunches or focusing on one part of their body (e.g. belly) while neglecting everything else -- like their diet.

You won't get great results this way because crunches or "ab exercises" alone won't stimulate an enough response from your body to raise your metabolic rate. Not to mention abdominal exercises do not burn stomach fat (yes, read that sentence again).

Also, your diet is the single most important determining factor to whether or not you'll lose belly fat. For instance, you can exercise everyday. But if you eat foods high in fat and sugar daily, you can become the most dedicated gym rat and you still won't lose your belly fat!

So, in other words, to burn stomach fat you can't do one thing. But, then not do the other. Instead, you have to work your body as a "whole" with each step working together to help you lose stomach fat, and get lean and mean! Here's how to lose belly fat:



Reduce Ab Fat With a Sound Nutrition Plan

As mentioned, your diet is the main ingredient to losing stomach fat. It's 80% what you do in the kitchen and 20% everything else.

You can dramatically lose your belly fat by just reducing or eliminating sugar (e.g. soda, candy, junk food) from your diet. A lot of people think carbs is the culprit that makes you fat. While this maybe somewhat true. It's also the excess sugar from coffee, juices, and again sodas. Which makes you fatter!

Also, reduce or eliminate processed foods (anything that comes out of a box basically). Eat like our ancestors did, they never ate anything that came out of a box!

Then, increase your daily protein intake. Start eating more lean protein. It's the best food you can eat to burn stomach fat. Why? Besides the fact your body needs it. Protein will curb your appetite, and leave you feeling more "satisfied" and full longer. Which is also key to losing stomach fat.



Burn Stomach Fat Faster & Easier by Building Lean Muscle

In order to burn stomach fat, you have to build muscle by strength training. Aerobic exercises are not enough to lose belly fat. It's important to balance out your workouts with a consistent strength training routine. If you don't use it, you will lose it! And, if you lose muscle, you'll gain fat!



Burn Belly Fat Quickly Using an Effective Cardio Workout

Don't waste your time doing slow, even paced cardio exercises to burn stomach fat. You'll get minimal results. Instead, do interval training. If done consistently and correctly. It will help you burn stubborn abdominal fat, and build muscle! Below is a sample interval routine you can do to boost your metabolic rate and burn stomach fat more effectively:

1) Jog at a steady pace for a minute

2) Sprint for thirty seconds

3) Slow down to jogging for a minute

4) Sprint for thirty seconds

5) Repeat until you've finished 10 sets of jogging and 10 sets of sprinting

6) Cool down for 2-5 minutes and stretch out



Bottom Line on How to Lose Belly Fat?

The most effective method to to burn stomach fat is by raising your metabolism with a sound nutrition plan, and regular strength training and cardio routine. But, not just any type of cardio workout. Instead do interval training.

These steps will not only help you burn stomach fat more efficiently. But you'll also get a stronger, leaner, and healthier body!



Lawrence Ban is the author of -- a site that offers a variety of the best ab exercise routines to get a six-pack or flat abs. Includes workout and nutritional tips to burn stomach fat fast.

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