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Burn More Calories with a Workout Buddy

Burn More Calories with a Workout Buddy



It can be difficult keeping to a workout schedule when there is work to do and errands to run. And, even if you can drag yourself out to make it to the gym or go for a jog, the expended effort is oftentimes minimal. 

However, there is a wonderful and enjoyable way to beat the blahs, increase your exercise output and burn more calories all at the same time… a workout buddy.






First and foremost, working out with a friend is inspirational. Just having someone else along to share the workout with makes the exercise activity seem less long, less strenuous and more fun. 

Working out with someone else gives you time to catch up on each other’s latest life activities and gives you both some extra social time while you’re getting in great shape. 

While you’re chatting, you can share common fitness goals and work together to make sure you meet them which will result in you dropping more pounds and getting into better shape.






A workout buddy is also an excellent source to keep you accountable. It’s far too easy to tell yourself all the reasons why you don’t want to get out of bed for that early morning run or exercise session, or why you need to work late and avoid the gym, but it’s another thing to make those same excuses to a friend, especially if you’ve discussed fitness goals together and they’re standing in your face! 

An exercise partner will be able to see through your flimsy excuses and encourage you to make your session. They will exalt you, prod you and even get stern with you, causing you to keep to your exercise program. Consistency is vital in exercise programs. The more you do the more calories you burn and the better you feel.





Extended Workouts

When exercising alone, you will tend to be thinking of all the things that you could be doing, watch the clock and end your workout routine exactly on time or even cut it short. However, with a buddy along to chat with while cycling or burning up the gym treadmill will make time fly and before you know it, you’ll have worked well past your intended time limit.

Longer periods of exercise will increase body metabolism and burn calories, even after your intense buddy workout is over.





Harder Workouts

You and your exercise buddy can take advantage of your time together to participate in a little friendly competition. Challenging each other to see who can do the most pushups, row the fastest, cycle up the hill first, etc will cause your normal workouts to be transformed into high intensity fat burning and muscle building sessions. Not to mention, your workout buddy serves as your spotter, in which he or she is able to spot you when training harder and going to complete failure, whether through lifting heavier weight or increasing your rep range. Proper spotting means being safe. always comes first. 





New Exercise Experiences

Being in the habit of exercising with a fitness friend also opens up other doors into new exercise experiences. They may want to try out Pilates, Zumba, or kickboxing and, of course, they’ll want you to come along with them!

Getting involved in new ways of exercising is great for motivation and attitude, adds an extra pinch of spice to your life and challenges your various muscle groups in different ways which adds strength and endurance and, in turn, burns more calories.



The next time you’re feeling complacent or just want someone to keep you company, pick up the phone and ask a friend to accompany you in your exercise program. It will give you a chance to enjoy each other’s company, get you both into great shape and burn multiple more calories than going to a workout alone.

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