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Build More Muscle Faster with Simple Math

Build More Muscle Faster with Simple Math


How many times do you walk into the gym and find the same ole people doing the same ole workout and getting the same ole results? Umm, would you say every day?

Why is this? Many, I believe, don’t really think too much about their training. What I mean by this is that they haven’t put too much critical thinking into why they are doing what they are doing – little reason yielding little results.

Now, I am a huge believer in the K.I.S.S. principle (Keep It Simple Stupid), however, you can’t help but think there are very few who truthfully adhere to this sacred script. Why do so many complicate things?

Utilizing advanced techniques, splits and the latest “system” is great, but is it producing significant, real-world results? Or is it something you read in a magazine or website that all the pros are using with crazy gains in muscle?

I love to look back at old routines and programs of the bodybuilding pioneers such as Steve Reeves, Clancy Ross and John Grimek. These guys had powerful physiques replete with muscle and strength.

How did they do it?

One look at what they did and you will see that it is far from advanced or groundbreaking. Simple programs comprising of the basic, compound lifts for low reps. But here is the “secret” and something that I have found ignored by so many on their quest for more lean muscle…

They trained frequently!

Three full-body training sessions per week was the norm in their time. Sometimes you would see an upper and lower body split, but that is as advanced as it got. I believe frequency is one of the most important AND misguided principles in adding muscle.

Let’s shift gears and do a little math – no calculator required…

If you were training everything once per week (as the rest of the world is doing) you will have stimulated growth 52 times per year (in a perfect world). Twice per year would yield 104 growth-induced sessions per body part and three full-body workouts per week would add up to 156 shocks to the muscle!

By regulating several factors such as central nervous system stress, volume and intensity, the answer is clear. More frequency equals more muscle, faster, period.

Study history of the great champions of old, do your math and reap the rewards and get growing again!

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