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Home Training Build Muscle Build Hard Muscles Fast with Speed Strength Training

Build Hard Muscles Fast with Speed Strength Training

Build Hard Muscles Fast with Speed Strength Training

If you want to build hard muscles faster than normal then the answer is in initiating a speed strength training program. By pushing your muscles to produce their greatest impulse in the shortest time possible, you are engaging in speed strength training. 

The two main components of building rapid muscle growth are contained in how quickly you can exert muscle power (starting strength) and how long you can maintain that power once it’s been initiated (explosive power). Therefore, speed strength training targets the two specific areas of weight lifting and interval training to achieve these components.



Weight Lifting

Of course, a weight lifting program is essential to building muscle mass. However, when it comes to speed strength training, it is the way in which lifting weights is approached that gets the quick results. 

Muscle is amassed when you progressively overload them with increased weight or workout demand. If you want to acquire hard muscle more rapidly then you need to overload the muscles more quickly. You can achieve this by increasing the amount of weight and upping the amount of resistance, increasing the number of repetitions and sets, and intensifying the workout routine.




Interval Training

Interval training revolves around high-intensity cardio exercises that work you to the point of near-maximum exertion with sufficient recovery periods afterwards. Many bodybuilders proclaim that cardio workouts are detrimental to building muscle mass. However, rapid muscle growth requires significant amounts oxygen and those who limit themselves to just pumping iron will not be able to reach their optimum levels of muscle replenishment due to insufficient oxygen levels.

Exercises which can be utilized for interval training are running, rowing, cycling, etc. The trick with speed strength training is to increase your body’s metabolism by changing the pace of your workout (i.e. sprinting short distances during a run) and including more challenging stretches throughout your routine (i.e. choosing hilly sections, sand patches, etc to cycle through).



More Rapid Muscle Growth Tips

Since muscle mass is acquired through the breakdown and then repair of muscle, there are some other tips you can use in the gym to more rapidly increase muscle size and strength.

1. If you decrease the periods of rest in between sets, you will promote increased muscle growth. This causes muscles to work harder without having time to rebound which will break them down further.

2. Adding more static hold sets into your weightlifting program will also encourage muscles to build faster. Static holds are when you position a challenging amount of weight at the point of most resistance and then hold it there for as long as you possibly can.

3. Strips sets provide yet another strategy for increasing muscle strength fast. To accomplish strip sets, use as much weight as you can handle and do as many sets as possible until fatigued. Once you cannot move that weight any more, decrease it and continue with more sets. Repeat this process until you can’t lift any more weight.



Initiating a speed strength training program will cause you to acquire hard muscles faster than with traditional weightlifting methods. However, it’s important to also include a nutritious diet, key supplements and plenty of rest in between workouts to give your body ample recovery time. Putting together such a power-packed diet and exercise program will get you hard body results at a much faster pace.

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