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Brandon Wynn Workout

Brandon Wynn Workout


U.S. Olympian Brandon Wynn is an absolute monster. At 5’6”, 163 lbs., the artistic gymnast is a specialist on the rings, and is hoping to make an impactful performance at the 2012 Summer Olympics for Team U.S.A. No stranger to the gym, Wynn often works out twice a day, and combines strength training and flexibility exercises along with his team training. This guy is massive, and has a body fat percentage well under the desirable ten percent mark. Here’s how he got to be a super ripped and muscular gymast with a top set of six pack abs.

Brandon Wynn is not only strong, but he is crafty, too. This shows in his routine as well as his workouts. In a workout he refers to as “buttermakers,” Wynn uses a parallel gymnast bar. He jumps up and grabs the bar with his hands about shoulder width apart in a forward grip. Hanging in a straight line, Wynn pulls his arms up into a 90 degree angle so that his biceps are perpendicular to the bar. Wynn, with his body still straight, kicks his legs out and forward and swings himself in a corkscrew pattern so that his legs eventually end up above and in front of his head. He starts clockwise, then changes counterclockwise. You can see the buttermaker exercise here:

This exercise not only works Wynn’s arms, as they have to stabilize his entire frame, but his core and lower back are worked to the max. Having to propel himself by his midsection requires a lot of work put in from his lower abdominals and obliques.


Wynn is so ripped that he made the cover of Muscle & Fitness, which really shows how
dedicated he is towards his workout training and diet regimen.







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Chest strength is extremely important to athletes. Gymnasts are no different. They constantly need to be pulling themselves up, pushing themselves up, and doing everything in between. In his elbow pushups exercise, Wynn starts out in a normal position with his hands spread in a shoulder width grip. He does a pushup, returns to starting position, and then does a pushup again. However, this pushup is different. In the standard pushup, Wynn’s elbows extend outward. In the variation, his elbows fall at his sides, parallel with the rest of his body. This exercise allows the gymnast to put further emphasis on tricep strength as well as elbow strength. 

Both the buttermaker exercise and the elbow pushups are demonstrated by Wynn in the video below:

Brandon Wynn’s diet is also extremely pivotal to his workouts. While in college at Ohio State (he graduated in 2011), Wynn followed a strict diet in order to maintain his strength while cutting body fat. In 2009, the gymnast eliminated his intake of red meat, white flour and sugar to see maximum results from training. A typical meal for the health-conscious Wynn would include a lean meat such as grilled chicken or fish, brown rice, a leafy green, and a lot of water. Water is crucial in losing fat and maintaining body weight. It keeps metabolism steady and also can suppress appetite. 

The combination of Brandon Wynn’s unique training techniques and restrictive diet has allowed him to achieve one of the best bodies in sports today, and one of the most jacked and ripped bodies in all of gymnastics.












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Date Published : 2012-07-23 16:26:55
Written By : Scott Wordsman