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Home Training Celebrity Workouts Brad Pitt Fight Club Workout

Brad Pitt Fight Club Workout

Brad Pitt Fight Club Workout


Brad Pitt's Fight Club workout was a very intense workout regimen. In 1999, in prepping for the Fight Club role, Pitt, aka Tyler Durden, was believed to be at around 150-155 pounds and at 5-6% body fat.

Pitt’s workout for the movie was characterized by training one muscle group per day and giving it around a week of recovery. He would do cardiovascular training at the end of the week to burn additional calories. If you only train a specific muscle group once a week, you need to make sure you provide enough of a training stimulus during that workout to warrant not training that muscle again for a week. Therefore, compound exercises should make up the basis of your routine because they target more than just a single body part and you are able to work multiple muscles at once. You should also do isolation workouts but they should be done less than compound workouts. Isolation exercises work one muscle group, helping to define a specific muscle. As you can see with Brad Pitt's routine below, he does a great mixture of both compound and isolation workouts.

He did approximately 3 sets of each exercising, taking approximately 60 seconds of rest between sets. He worked out hard enough that he could successfully do 15 reps (besides pushups and pullups) to fatigue with perfect form throughout each movement. Doing 3 sets of each exercise and a minute of rest will ensure that you are properly stimulating your muscle throughout the entire length of the workout. He also does 15 reps of perfect form, meaning he incorporates a strength and endurance based rep range.


Monday: Chest

25 pushups
Nautilus chest press
Nautilus incline press
Pec deck machine (chest fly)


Tuesday: Back
5 pullups
Seated rows
Lat pulldowns
T-bar rows





Pitt would give himself little rest between sets. This boosted his cardiovascular training and helped him
achieve that shredded look. The less rest you have, the more body fat you could burn. Pitt is a living example.




Wednesday: Shoulders
Arnold dumbbell press (like a military press, but start the action with palms facing in and end the action with palms facing out)
Lateral raises
Front raises


Thursday: Biceps/Triceps
Nautilus curl machine
EZ cable curls
Hammer curls
Tricep pushdowns


Friday: Cardio
Walking or (preferably) running on the treadmill for 45 minutes at 65% to 75% of your maximum heart rate


Saturday/Sunday: Rest


Now you can do Brad Pitt fight club workout!





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