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Home Training Get Ripped Bored of working out? Tired of the slow progress?

Bored of working out? Tired of the slow progress?

 Bored of working out? Tired of the slow progress?


Bored of working out? Tired of the slow progress? 



Interval training is perhaps the most productive and self-satisfying means for obtaining results. It not only forces your body to burn a higher percentage of calories while training, but it also aids in the consumption of calories throughout the day.  That is why I designed an innovative fitness tool called “High Intensity Power Training” (HIPT) which helps to maximize interval training’s effectiveness. The HIPT integrated system combines interval training with high intensity and simple bodyweight resistance (weight vests along with other tools can be used for higher resistance).


HIPT works on the basis of frequently stimulating the muscle by diminishing the conventional long rest periods and introducing shorter rest periods while exercising. This forces the muscle fibers to strengthen (harden) because of the constant application of pressure to the muscle. Also by utilizing a shorter rest period you are elevating the heart rate and raising the body temperature leading to more caloric consumption and allowing for that ripped physique.


HIPT is for everybody, whether you want to shed a few pounds for the summer, build muscle or to become more athletic, functional and healthy. The best part about dropping the conventional barbell, dumbbell and machine from your training regime is that HIPT is progressive and enjoyable, which means ‘dreading a workout’ is no longer a part of your vocabulary. Most of all HIPT is short and sweet! You can perform it just about anywhere, at any time and it only needs to be done three to four times a week!


Why incorporate your bodyweight?


Less is more, in simple terms. The most productive, cheap and important piece of equipment is your own body.  Many machines and equipment are unnecessary and do not work to properly activate the target muscle groups. Some equipment can be useful in complimenting your body (e.g. assisted pull. However, why use gym equipment when you have the best piece of equipment accessible to you at all times! The benefits of training with your own bodyweight are absolutely unrivaled by any fancy machine. Many injuries occur from using machines, dumbbells and barbells incorrectly because they force your body through unnatural planes of motion.  Using your own body to perform planks, pushups, pull-ups, and dips with different variations will help to reduce the risk of injury, and strengthen your body. Your bodyweight fluctuates at different positions and using a variety of techniques. This can be used to strengthen various muscles of the body and compliments different levels of fitness. For example a pull up can be done using multiple techniques (e.g. close grip, wide grip, neutral grip, etc) and at different body weights (e.g. using a chair, using an assisted chip up machine, using a spotter etc).




  1. PROGRESSION, PROGRESSION, PROGRESSION!!! Time your workouts, and every single time you attempt the same workout aim to beat the time.  Applying this strategy forces you to progress, as well it keeps the workout enjoyable. Your biggest competitor is yourself!
  2. When the workout gets too easy, add additional weight using a weight vest, or ankle weights. 
  3. No more than 45 seconds rest in between each exercise.
  4. Repetition range is no less then 12 and no more than 15.
  5. Perform only once a day. 3-4 a week.
  6. ALWAYS devise a plan. It is very easy (and not productive) to go do a workout without a plan, and that way when you get tired you leave. A plan written down for HIPT is a motivational tool that keeps you less likely to veer away from completing the workout.


  • 10 clapping pushups
  • 10 pull-ups
  • 12 leg raises
  • 14 dips

REST and REPEAT 4 more times for a full workout



  • 1-minute planks
  • 30s side planks
  • 50 Tuck Jumps
  • 40 lunge each leg
  • 1-minute mountain climbers

REST and REPEAT 4 more times for a full workout



  • 10 bicep chin-ups
  • 20 body rows on a bar
  • 10 leg raises (slow and controlled)
  • 10 Wide Grip pull-ups

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