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Bodybuilding Vegetarian Meal Plans

Bodybuilding Vegetarian Meal Plans


Studies have proved in general that beans have a lot of high quality proteins as compared to any other naturally, freely, and easily available diet sources. On of the most popular beans with the maximum amount of essential proteins or amino acids, is the soya bean, which is being used to create several products, such as soya protein powder, soya milk, Deli-style soya meat etc.

When used to make tofu and tempeh, it can be used with the right mix of spices or seasoning to give it the kind of tasty effect that non-vegetarian foods have, while creating none of the side effects of lethargy or toxins, as created in the human body, by the consumption of non-vegetarian food.

Black beans are especially healthy, as they offer complete protein. Usually black beans require being soaked overnight, and cooking it takes a long time. Cooking up a burrito made up of black beans or soya beans is a great way to get your natural share of essential proteins, without any side effects. Avoid refried beans, as they are of no use and contain trans fats or saturated fats, which are unhealthy fats.

Broccoli is another excellent source of natural proteins. Not only is it a rich source of essential proteins in your diet as a body builder, but it also helps with providing adequate amounts of essential vitamins and minerals. The idea is to have as many varieties of natural and healthy food as possible, to give you the perfect mix of all essential nutrients that the body needs for successful body building. These essential nutrients include essential amino acids or proteins, essential fatty acids or healthy fats, complex low glycemic carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, fiber, and anti-oxidants.

Again the regular whole grains contain a large amount of proteins, vitamins, minerals and fiber. Vitamin B-complex is a group of different types of B-vitamins that help the body to perform various processes smoothly. Vegetarians are generally at a risk of facing a Vitamin B complex deficiency. This deficiency can be taken care of, by consuming grains or whole grains. Some examples of proteinaceous grains include quinoa, bulgur, hirs and buckwheat.

To gain the desired amount of healthy calories, it is easier to get the same from healthy fats, such as essential omega 5 fatty acids that are present in nuts and seeds, such as almonds and flaxseeds etc.

All vegetarians need to know one very important fact. It is much easier for a vegetarian to digest their food, when compared to a non-vegetarian. As a result of this, vegetarians end up digesting their food at a much faster rate than non-vegetarians do. This results in the necessity that vegetarians consume food more frequently than non-vegetarians, if they have any body building dreams.

Armed with this knowledge, you are now equipped to give any body builder a tough run for their money, and by following these guidelines in getting the necessary nutrients and calories to support your body building work outs, you are now all set to make your body building dreams a reality.



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