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Better Bone Density through Strength Training

Better Bone Density through Strength Training


Young people don’t think much about the problems that old age brings. The concern of youth is more focused on getting a work promotion, where to take vacation, next weekend’s party, who to take to the party, and how many kids to have. Most youthful energy is spent on building a career and retirement fund and simply taking care of the responsibilities of life.

However, planning for a healthy retirement consists of much more than IRAs, bank accounts and mutual funds. A part of planning for the golden years also involves preparing your body to be as healthy as possible. The fact is, if you aren’t healthy when you hit retirement then all the money generated through your life will go to doctors, hospitals, pharmacies and nursing homes and you won’t be able to enjoy the relaxed lifestyle you planned on. Also, bad health in the later years will severely hinder your independence.

Major health problems can arise through aging brought on by weak and brittle bones and declining muscle mass. Such age-related deterioration of the muscles and bones lead to stature frailty which raises the possibility of bone fracture. Such injuries can place you in a nursing home or make you dependent on family members. 





Building Bone Mass

Osteoporosis and hip injuries are two debilitating occurrences that commonly affect us as we age. A host of studies have been conducted that show that strength training increases bone density as well as builds supportive muscle mass around joints and sockets. Strengthening muscle and bone while you still are able to exercise will greatly reduce the risk of contracting osteoporosis or breaking a hip or other frail bone.

Many people turn to calcium supplements which are good, but your body needs more than just calcium. First of all, magnesium, as well as other nutrients, is required to assimilate calcium into the bones. A regular strength training program is also required so that your body retains the calcium. If you aren’t placing a demand on your bones to grow and strengthen then they won’t absorb calcium as readily. Therefore, calcium supplementation in itself will not do much good for strengthening bones.





Study Results

Numerous studies reveal that strength training is quite effective at increasing bone mass, especially in the spinal column. One study conducted by McMaster University in Ontario showed that spinal bone mass in postmenopausal women increased by 9% after completing a year-long strength training program. Women who did not perform any exercise decreased in overall bone density.

Another study by Virginia Hopkins and Earl Mindell and published in Prescription Alternatives showed the same benefit of exercise on bone density. One group of older women exercised 2 days a week for a year in a high intensity weight training program while another control group of women the same age did not participate in any exercise during that same period. The group of women who exercised produced a 1% increase in their bone density. The control group who did not exercise showed a 1.8% to 2.5% decrease in bone density. Those in the exercise program also showed increased muscle strength and better balance than the non-exercise group.





Strength Training for a Better Life

Regardless of your age, participating in a strength training program greatly increases your overall health, not only in the present moment, but also later on in your life. The improved bone density, greater muscle strength and better balance will all serve you well in your aging years through a better quality of life as well as a longer one.

When it comes to strength training, it is actually most beneficial to complete a variety of exercises. By changing up and combining the physical impact of aerobic exercises with the pressures of weight bearing exercises, you cause your body to stimulate a greater degree of bone formation. Building stronger bones works along the same principle as increasing muscle mass… the more demand you place on them, the stronger and denser they become.





It’s Never Too Late to Start

Regardless of how old you are, it’s not too late to begin a strength training program to increase bone density and improve your overall health. Although experts recommend that women are most benefited by beginning before menopause, they can still increase bone strength in post-menopause years. 

One study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association in 1994 revealed that women as old as 70 slightly increased bone density by lifting weights 2 times a week over the period of a year. Another study showed that both men and women improved balance, strength and walking speed by exercising on weight machines 3 times a week over just an 8 week period.





Get a Jump on Retirement Health

If you are still young and spry, you can get a jump on achieving a healthy retirement by participating in vigorous exercise. The MP45 Program is designed to provide you with high intensity stimulation training that consist of both weight training and aerobic exercise. In just 45 days, you will pack on the muscle mass, eliminate body fat, increase stamina and strength, and improve bone density by following the MP45 H.I.S.T. guidelines. 

You also get nutritional information and diet guidelines that ensure you have all you need to build a stronger, healthier body. Increase bone density and get in the best shape of your life by embarking on the MP45 challenge of High Intensity Stimulation Training. By completing and continuing MP45s outlined fitness program, you will experience quality of life today and into your golden years.

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