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Home Training Get Ripped Best Waist Exercises to Get a Sexy, Sculpted Waistline!

Best Waist Exercises to Get a Sexy, Sculpted Waistline!

Best Waist Exercises to Get a Sexy, Sculpted Waistline!


For something called the “love” handle, is there anything hated more than a pair of flabby love handles?

Why do they call it that anyways? I can’t think of one person who loves their “love” handles…

Love handles are an accumulation of excess fat on the sides of the abdominals.

Next to the lower stomach area, the waist and love handles is the biggest problem spot on the stomach. Once the excess fat fills the front, lower abdominal region to capacity. It starts spilling over to the waist and love handles (Yikes!)!

So, no one likes having a pair of flabby love handles, or a fat waist. It’s annoying, unattractive, and makes you very self-conscious.

For men, it means not having the confidence to take off their shirt or do anything that involves showing their skin like going to the beach.

And, for women it means not being able to wear their favorite pair of jeans for fear their love handles will show, or their “muffin tops” will pop out. Or, being able to wear their favorite crop tops or belly shirts, as it will also expose their flabby love handles and waist.

But, it’s not just all about looks, as having a bulging waistline can also have an impact on your health. A waistline of 35 inches or more increases women’s risk of heart disease and diabetes. And, a waistline of larger than 40 inches increases the chance of heart disease and diabetes for men.

Love handles are a traditionally tough area to target. Unless you play tennis, the obliques are not used often in daily life. Fortunately, working the obliques with obliques exercises slims the waist and trims love handles.

Remember though, you also have to eat a sensible diet in order to shed excess cushioning. All the oblique exercises in the world won’t do a thing if you eat foods high in fats and refined carbohydrates, or if you don’t engage in daily cardio exercise.

In other words, there is no such thing as spot training. You have to burn fat with a sensible diet, and cardio activity, period. As well as strength training, which will speed up your metabolism to burn more fat!




But, what are the best waist exercises to sculpt your waist? Before getting to the waist and obliques exercises, a few reminders:

  • Remember to take two or three seconds to rise, hold for one or two seconds, then take at least two or three seconds to lower.

  • Perform one set--or 15 repetitions--of a given exercise. If that’s too strenuous, simply do as many high-quality reps as you can. Initially do three sets per exercise, as you progress, feel free to do more sets.

  • Remember: quality, not quantity. Your abdominal does all the lifting. For a more effective workout, don’t come all the way down at the bottom of each rep.

For the complete list of the obliques exercises tips, go to the ab workout tips page.




As you’ll recall, some of the exercises that work the upper and lower abdominus rectus also target the obliques...


Waist Exercises


Oblique Exercises


Exercise to Handle Love Handles


Yoga Obliques Exercises


Gentle, but Effective Yoga Oblique Exercises




Conclusion of Waist Exercises

Love handles are a build-up of excess fat on the sides of the stomach caused by an overindulgence of fatty and refined foods, and a lack of exercise.

It’s also due to
exercise, because the first step many people take to reduce their love handles is with waist exercises. Big mistake...

Because you can do all the waist exercises in the world, even the best waist exercises. But, if you don’t get enough cardio and strength training exercise consistently, and if you eat refined and fatty foods everyday. Then even the best waist exercise to handle love handles, won't be able to handle them!

So, have no fear, you will make your love handles disappear! Because by following these tips, you’ll kiss the “love” on those love handles

For more tips to get rid of your love handles, check out Mike Geary's book
The Truth About Six Pack Abs. Many of the exercises he talks about in his book are extremely effective to tone your ab core and love handles.





Lawrence Ban is the author of -- a site that offers a variety of the best ab exercise routines to get a six-pack or flat abs. Includes workout and nutritional tips to burn stomach fat fast.

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