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Best NBA Specialists- Who's the Best at What?

Best NBA Specialists- Who's the Best at What?


The NBA is filled with only a handful of superstars who can do it all- score, defend, rebound, etc. We obviously know guys like Michael Jordan , Clyde Drexler, and Isiah Thomas fit that bill. However, there are a lot of guys who are the best at a particular craft. These guys are what we like to call specialists. We have devised a list of categories in which one representative of the NBA can be called the specialist of that particular category. What individuals are best at usually defines their career (e.g.- Dikembe Mutombo= Blocking), sometimes for the good (Larry Bird's shooting) and for the bad (Sam Bowie's disappointing career). We have devised a list of 54 categories and have hand selected who we think is the best at that particular category to provide them with the fitting award.



Most Clutch- Kobe Bryant

Kobe gets the nod over Dwayne Wade here just because he is the best finisher in the game and he's been hitting buzzer beaters, blocking shots, and getting steals in the last few minutes for his entire career, even since he was wearing #8. Dwayne Wade's epic performance in 2006 single-handedly brought Miami a title, but if there is one guy you want to have the ball in his hands with one shot left and the game on the line, you can bet you're own bottom dollar you're picking Kobe to take it for you. Yes, the likes of Carmelo Anthony and Chris Paul have a higher field goal percentage when taking shots "in the clutch", but those numbers are skewed because of the heavy defense surrounding Kobe including double-teams because they know Kobe's resume including the banked 3 against Miami in 2009, the two ridiculous plays in Game 4 against the Suns in 2006, the turnaround fadeaway against the Bucks in OT, and again against Ray Allen's stifling defense in 2010; which all only account for about 10% of his clutch shots over his career. Kobe is simply the best when the game is on the line.





Adds The Most Points To His Team- LeBron James


While a lot of people don't necessarily think LeBron is the best basketball player in the game (cough,, he is certainly the most productive on the court. There's a reason he was a two time MVP winner and we clearly saw how valuable he was to Cleveland (from the most wins in the league last year to the least). He gives you a ton of minutes every night and is just a hustler, providing explosive energy on the offensive and defensive sides of the ball. However, take this with a grain of salt, because this doesn't necessarily mean that he will win the most rings.


Most Athletic- Derrick Rose


Derrick Rose is simply a phenom and the scary part is that he is only 22. The scarier part is that he is getting better with age. When he was on Memphis, we were wondering if we saw anybody with his speed with the ball. He's since improved on it since then. His explosiveness has catapulted his team into the Eastern Conference finals (and possibly further) and secured him as the youngest MVP in NBA history. Just watch the Bulls-Heat series to see how he creates scoring opportunities for himself and others with his foot speed.



Best at Driving Into the Paint- LeBron James


With LeBron's physicality and size, it's tough as a defender to stand in his way, but his explosiveness is just on another planet. LeBron James is the best at attacking the basket for the first 46 minutes of the game, however he tends to shoot the ball in the last 2 which has led to his demise (ala Le-Unclutch). LeBron is simply the best at getting tacked with the and-one and getting to the line from traffic (but then again, maybe that's just because he's the most likely to be favored by the refs).



Best PG Setup Man- Rajon Rondo


Ask the Big 3 in Boston and they will all tell you that they are being led by Rondo throughout every step of the way. Doc Rivers and Rondo are on the same page in terms of playcalling and that is what makes this Celtics team so hard to beat. They are an aged veteran squad with little explosiveness and little depth but somehow manage to go deep in the playoffs every year. The 2010 playoffs that led an over-the-hill squad within 10 minutes of a 2nd NBA championship in 3 years, went something like this: every time Rondo had a great game, the Celtics won; every time he had an average game. O yah, and he never had one "Bad game". The guy is the most consistent player in the league, giving you tons of production on offense and defense both as a player and playcaller. Let's not forget how much of a warrior this kid is when he came in with a dislocated elbow to give a guperformance and a nitty gritty win.

Best Passer- Steve Nash


While the fresh face of passing is certainly Chris Paul, Steve Nash has been doing this for much longer and with 2 MVP's under his belt as a PG just proves it's got to go to him. Passing is how everyone gets involved on offense and no one has the ability to find the open man better than Steve Nash does.

Most Overrated Player- Chris Bosh


I guess this is a toss-up between Bosh and Joe Johnson, but just because of all the attention that bosh demanded this offseason, he gets the nod here. Max Contract? Are you kidding me. This guy can barely give you a consistent double double and is a tiny presence int the paint on defense.You can call it the Big 3 all you want, but this Heat team is led by two superstars only. The chant says it all.


Most Underrated Player- David West


While a lot of people would place Rajon Rondo in this list, he has been gaining a lot more recognition for the value he has provided for his team. Even Colin Cowherd from ESPN has labeled Rondo as the 4th best player in the league behind Kobe, Lebron, and DWade. Monta Ellis is a lights-out scorer and his skill is laregly ignored by the NBA, but he is a complete ball-hog that devalues the Warriors team due to his inability to get his other teammates involved. The true determination of an underrated player is someone who gets little to no recognition for their accomplishments and contribution to their team. The tossup here is between Danny Granger of the Pacers and David West of the Hornets. However, Granger has gotten a little more notoriety by the media and is the face of the Indiana franchiseDavid West, on the other hand is a big time piece to the puzzle that led to the Hornets success this season, garnering a 7th seed in the stacked Western Conference, and people give him no credit for his efforts stating that the Hornets is a one man ship led by Chris Paul. Not underestimating CP3's efforts who is a Top 3 PG in the league, David West has averaged 19 points and 8 boards a game for 5 years in a row yet half the NBA fans don't even know what team he plays for.

Best Player off the Bench- Lamar Odom


While Jose Barea is getting a lot of attention as a bench player because of his recent success with the Mavs in the 2011 playoffs, providing big numbers and lots of minutes, this award has got to go out to the guy whos been most consistent at this job for years: this past year's 6th man award winner Lamar Odom. He has provided a near double double for half a decade off the bench while never being labeled an All-Star. He would undoubtedly be a top 5 starter on any team not named the Lakers.


Biggest Disappointment- Greg Oden


The former #1 draft pick didn't just miss 1 season, it took him 3 seasons to play as many games as Kobe Bryant did with a myriad of injuries. The next David Robinson will in all likelihood be a subpar 7 foot center throughout his career with millions of dollars wasted on yet another Kwame Brown. Just imagine if the Blazers picked the No. 2 guy in the '07 draft: Kevin Durant- what a trio that would be huh? Even if he puts in the work to come back healthy from two nasty injuries, producing 9 points and 8 rebounds a game like he did in his 61 games as a Blazer is not worthy to pass up on Durant. Can you say Sam Bowie? Portland just has some bad luck with No. 1 picks now don't they. Another one bites the dust.


Best Pure Spot Up Shooter- Ray Allen


While names like Kyle Korver and Peja Stojakovic can be tossed around here because of their uncanny ability to catch and fire, this is clearly a toss up between the best current 3 point shooter of all time (current, meaning no one will surpass Reggie Miller's clutchness) and the best European basketball player of all time. Dirk's lights out performance in Game 1 of the Western Conference Finals speaks volumes (12 of 15 from the field and 24 of 24), but Dirk literally played out of his mind that night. As good as Dirk is, this has got to go to the 3 point king because of his ability to shoot with a hand in his face and his ridiculous record breaking 8- 3 pointers in one game (7 in one half) against the Lakers in the Finals.


Most Dangerous Scorer in the League- Kevin Durant


No one and I mean no one, has the ability to score like Kevin Durant does throughout a full 48 minutes (and that includes Kobe and Lebron), and that is clearly evident in his back-to-back scoring titles that he now possesses (being the youngest to eer achieve such an accomplishment). While everyone is talking about Dirk's historically efficient 48 point performance against Oklahoma City, it was too overshadowing in the eyes of the media of an equally blistering 40 point performance put up by Durant that included the toughest of fadeaway shots. Durant is a scoring machine and that includes the ability to be quick and explosive to move off the ball to get a feed from Russell Westbrook to take the difficult 3 pointer or when cutting into the lane. His 27.7 points per game are a byproduct of his silky smooth shots and his ferocious attacks to the basket.

Best Perimeter Defender- Tony Allen


If you ask anyone in the league who they want least guarding them on the outside, it's Tony Allen. Not only is he a feisty defender who is physical and uses his hands like a wild chimpanzee, he has extremely quick feet to shuffle his feet so he is always ont op of the defender in good position. Tony Allen has stifled the likes of Kobe, Durant, Manu Ginobli, and Jamal Crawford to shoot 20-30% below their average and 10 points off their scoring averages. He is the best in the league at defending the 3, fighting through screens and has ridiculously active hands that lead to steals. Tony Allen only allows 26.3% overall on 3 point shots and just 10% on off screen 3 point attempts. He also only allows .57 points per possession in off screen situations, and 23% of field goals which is 2nd best in the nba. He was the difference maker that led the Celtics to winning a title and the reason why the Grizzlies got as far into the playoffs as they did.


Best Inside Scorer- Dwight Howard


Howard is the most dominant big man in the game, without question. He gets in better position than any center or power forward in the league. Bynum is a great inside player, but doesn't nearly bring as much physicality to the table that Dwight has and Dwight gets absolutely no love from the refs; otherwise, hed be scoring 40 a game if they called fouls on him like they did LeBron. The only knock on him is that he can't create his own shot, but that's when he gets caught napping on the wing. Amare Stoudemire would be an honorable mention here since only 8% of his shots are blocked and he draws the foul 22.8% of the time, but Dwight Howard simply owns the paint and that was evident in the Magic's sweep over the Knicks during the regular season this year. When he's in the paint, well, he is simply a beast!


Best Inside Defender- Dwight Howard


While some can knock his offense, Dwight Howard is clearly the best defender in the game. The 3 time defender of the year doesn't just change driving player's shots, he changes the complete strategy employed by the opposing team.  Dwight Howard is the biggest presence in the middle and perhaps that is why fans in opposing cities go to their home team's games: just so they can see a man so dominant since Shaq in his prime. Serge Ibaka will give you great defense inside and outside especially from a 1 on 1 perspective, but when it comes to inside the paint no one wants to play the Magic.



Does All the Little Things To Help- Serge Ibaka


While Dwight Howard will give you the best overall defensive effort in the middle, Serge Ibaka is the best at guarding 1 on 1, meeaning he is the best pure post defender while Dwight is the best help defender. Even Reggie Miller said, “Ibaka does all the little things that help a team win". Serge Ibaka provides points on the offensive end and turnovers on the defensive end that won't show up on his stat line: just from his effort for creating opportunities for his teammates. As Bill Simmons said, "Doesn't it bother you that Serge Ibaka plays harder than Dwight Howard every night?" Serge Ibaka is a hustler and has more mental toughness than any big man in the league and has propelled this Thunder to go so deep in the postseason: a perfect complement to Durant's scoring.


Best Rebounder- Dwight Howard

Regardless of how many rebounds Kevin Love, Dwight Howard will not concede his title as being the perennial rebounder since he won it three times in a row prior to Love's first.  Both offensively and defensively, Dwight Howard will grab dozens of rebounds a night in only 30 minutes of play and probably more than the entire opposing starting lineup as he did against the Raptors in January. It truly looks like Dwight Howard is playing against high school kids when he's on the court, as teammate Ryan Anderson said in an interview.


Most Fundamental- Kevin Love


Move over Tim Duncan, hello Kevin Love. Kevin Love is the moust sound basketball player on the planet and although Tim Duncan will always be regarded as the best PF in the history of the NBA, Mr. Fundamental should now be transferred to  the Timberwolves star. He will give his team consistent minutes, points, and rebounds every night. A consecutive strek of 53 double-doubles and 64 for the entire year demonstrates his ability to grab boards and score inside the paint every night to don Tim Duncan's nickname.


Best Dribble and Pull-Up Shot- Chauncey Billups


Chauncey Billups has the best pull-up shot in the league. As we now call him in New York, Mr. Big Shot can dribble right up to the 3 point line and drain the 3 without hesitation better than anyone in the game and he's done it with multiple teams in the biggest of moments to be deserved of that nickname.


Most Selfish- Carmelo Anthony


If there's one term to use when regarding Carmelo Anthony, it's undeniably ball-hog. While he is an extremely talented player, he is a pure scorer and streetball player similar to Starbury- and we know exaclty what that led to in NY. The Nuggets winning streak after he bailed out of town and the Knicks late season collapse is evident of Carmelo's ability to break up cohesion of a team and to forget to get others involved.


Most Competitive- Kobe Bryant

If there's one guy that wants to be better than His Airness, it's Kobe. While Kobe has always said that MJ was the best player ever, Kobe has the competitive fire to try to be the best. He's a warrior who wants to win and is never afraid to take the last shot even with a double team on him. Kobe Bryant has 5 rings and will still never be satisfied about it. Kobe nad MJ are very similar emotionally- they are the most competitive guys in their eras- they will not only try to beat you, they want to embarass you out there and are never afraid to take a challenge.



Most Emotional- Kevin Garnett


The Big Ticket has always given everything he's got day in and day out for Minnesoat and now Boston. He has played with reckless abandonment and is a ball of energy who just has so much passion that he even made Big Baby Glen Davis cry after some constructive criticism. The culmination speech of Garnett's "Anything is Possible" just shows how passionate he was about the game of basketball and to come up with the prized possession of the long sought after NBA title. Also, check out him screaming during Rondo's interview just to show you how much energy this guy has all day, every day.



Biggest Baby- LeBron James

While LeBron is extremely passionate, with it comes a lot of nagging and complaining when he things don't go his way- fouls, calls, etc. In the playoffs in 2008 with the Cavs against the Wizards, LeBron was fouled twice by Brandon Haywood and when asked about it in a press conference, he referred to himself in the third person with this quote: "I guess that's what they want to do ...hurt LeBron James in this series. It's not working". Dude, it's the playoffs and you're complaining you're getting fouled when going in the middle? If you don't want to get hurt stop driving in the paint buddy. But nothing will top the LeQuote of the year when LeBron said in reference to his teammates, "I wish I could clone me, but that's just not possible". Moreover, we all know why he changed his number 23 to 6 - because it's too tough to be MJ. And the crying at half court when he beat the Rondo-less Celtics is a little out of hand- that was the Eastern Conference Semifinals (a place you've been several times before). Get a grip bro.



Most Tenacious- Ron Artest

If there's one guy you want having your back it's Ron Ron. The bad boy has calmed his demeanor and temper since the Palace Brawl, but clealry still has that fire brewing inside him. Ron is a tenacious defender and always has incredibly active hands giving the best of offenders fits: See 2010 Playoffs 1st Round- Lakers vs Thunder with Artest guarding Durant as a reference. While not the most talented guy, Ron Artest will battle each and every night and will give you his absolute all for 48 minutes. Lets not forget to mention, he's JACKED too.



Best Ball Handler- Rafer Alston

A lot of people would put Chris Paul here, but we're going to spread the accolades around the league. Rafer Alston is a pure streetballer who was truly the best ball handler in the league. If you've ever watched a Rockets game and seen this guy go off then you'll know exactly why he gets this award. Here is an example of an And1 Player making it to the next level. Although he now plays in a European league, Skip 2 My Lou has used his streetball moves plenty in the NBA, including his ridiculous spin move on DWade that just left him standing there in awe, knowing that he was beat.



Best Signature Move- Jamal Crawford Shake N Bake

This is a fun category because there are just so many good ones to choose from. Whether it's D-Fish's 3 in the corner, Dwight Howard's Running Hook, Tim Duncan's Bank 2, LeBron James' fastbreak swats, Tony Parker's floater, Paul Pierce's step-back jumper, or Kobe's 2 step-pump-turnaround-fadeaway there are just so many GREAT ones to choose from. However, we got to go with Jamal Crawford, simply because of how devastating it is to defenders and how difficult of a move it is to pull off.




Best Fakeout- Jason Williams

White Chocolate's moves are just plain nasty! (Better when he was in a Kings uniform, but still ridiculous).




Best Crossover- Baron Davis


While Tim Hardaway ("The Utep Two-Step") pretty much patented the move (See Killer Crossover), B-Diddy's got a pretty bad*ss one himself. He is one of the few guys who has the ability to make multiple posters out of you, all with the same basic move. Jamal Crawford and Deron Williams are up here too, but we're going to give it to Baron just out of principle because he's been doing it for the better part of a decade and he has broken plenty of ankles along the way.


Best Highlight Reel- Blake Griffin


Best Teammate- Joakim Noah

There is no better player to have on the court wearing your same jersey than Noah. He is one of the best defenders in the league, plays with the most competitive fire, and has the heart of a champion (and he's been there before...twice...with the Gators).

 Most Potential- Derrick Rose

DRose is one of the best players in the game right now at only 22 and the scariest part about his game is that he is getting better with age. When he was on Memphis, we were wondering if we saw anybody with his particular talent. Not only has he worked hard to get better, he has exceeded everyone's expectations in the process and there is no reason to doubt him or think that there is a ceiling on what this guy is capable of achieving.

Wildest Shooter- Manu Ginobli


Manu Ginolbi makes the most ridiculous shots on the planet to even shut Greg Popovich up from telling him to stop taking them. Manu's game tying shot against the Grizzlies in Game 5 to extend the game into overtime and then the game winning shot to extend the series in Round 1 of the 2011 Playoffs is just a small sample of his highlight reel.


Most Jacked- Ben Wallace

Ben Wallace is an absolute animal when it comes to physicality. It has been reported that he curls 100 lb. dumbbells, has a bench press of 460 lbs. His intensity on the defensive end is a product of his tough road to the NBA, but eventually he found his niche. “I wanted to pass like Magic, jump like Mike, shoot like Bird, and cover the ball like Zeke. But none of that worked out. So I decided to play defense and rebound.” Said Wallace.  As an undrafted rookie out of Virgina Union, Wallace was determined to get huge and be the best defensive player in the NBA. In his prime, Wallace averaged over 15 rebounds and 3 blocks per game, a succesful career to say the least. Here is a sample workout of his below:

Monday & Thursday (chest, arms, abs):
Bench Press: 8 sets, 8 reps

Tricep Pressdown:
6 sets, 12 reps
DB Lying Tri Extension: 6 sets, 12 reps
DB Flye: 6 sets, 10 reps
BB Curl: 6 sets, 12 reps
DB Curl: 6 sets, 12 reps

Tuesday & Friday (legs, shoulders, back):
Leg Extension: 5 sets, 20 reps
Leg Press: 5 sets, 20 reps
Leg Curl: 5 sets, 20 reps
Calf Raises: 5 sets, 20 reps
Lat Pull Down: 6 sets, 8-10 reps
Machine Shoulder Press: 6 sets, 10 reps
DB Shoulder Press: 6 sets,10 reps
Bent-over Row: 6 sets, 10 reps


Best Stealer- Chris Paul

This is clearly a no-brainer. Chris Paul is a theft artist- he might as well be called GTA3. While John Stockton is clearly the king at stealing, Chris Paul is creeping behind him on the all time list. CP3 is on pretty much everyone's top 5 stealers of all time. He had at least one steal for over 100 straight games in a row.


Best Shot Blocker- Dwight Howard

Dwight has been on this list a little too much, but he really is so dominant on both ends of the court. And if there is only one category that he could be on, this would be it. Howard has a ridiculous 2.2 blocks per game and an unprecedented .79 blocks per foul.


Best Dunker- Blake Griffin

Blake Griffin is just an athletic freak. He is simply a highlight machine and that is largely in part due to his ability to throw down the basketball with so much force. The NBA Slam Dunk Champion takes off with such force and elevates so high to give fans everything they want and more.


Best Post Up Guard- Dwayne Wade


This is really a draw between DWade and Kobe, but we're going to give some love to Wade because he is a top 3 player in the league, and a large factor of that is because of his low post moves. For a guard to draw a double team when posting up in the paint, says a lot to his ability down low. Dwayne Wade is THAT good with his back to the basket. He could beat you in so many ways: going under and toward the hoop or stepping back and popping the bank shot.



Best Shooting Big Man- Dirk Nowitzki


The 7 Foot German has made a career knocking down ridiculous long range shots. The 10x All-Star has the numbers to be a first-ballot Hall of Famer if he was a guard, and just because he's 7 feet and doing it makes him a shoe-in.



Biggest Thug- Rasheed Wallace


Enough said. Stephen Jackson is obviously up here too, but he's cleaned up his act since the Malice at the Palace and we just falt out feel bad for his wife being held at gunpoint. 


Fastest Player Baseline to Baseline- Devin Harris


While Speedy Claxton never really lived up to his nickname, Devin Harris has proven himself as a speed demon. According to the Guiness Book of World Records, Harris is the fastest man in the world with a basketball in his hand. Harris can dribble from baseline to baseline in 3.9 seconds, which is the best ever recorded. Aaron Brooks is a hnorable mention here, because if you've ever watched a Rockets game, it doesn't look like there's a guy quick enough to ever guard him.



Speediest in the Halfcourt- Dwayne Wade


LeBron is an absolute beast in the halfcourt, but a large part of that is due to his size rather than just speed. Dwayne Wade has a ridiculously explosive first step, but is probably the shiftiest, most agile player in the NBA. "The Flash" has a unique stature, being muscularly built but small enough to get around just about anybody and get through the smallest of holes.


Quickest 1st Step- Derrick Rose

D-Rose has the ability to blow by anyone with the fastest step in basketball. He hits the paint SO HARD and SO FAST. We wish this young man great things for the future..Now, only if he can get some help from his teammates and Boozer plays up to his dollar amount.



Best Court Vision- Chris Paul


Chris Paul has such fantastic court vision, he can make the most ridiculous of passes on a dime. He sees everything before it unfolds and makes decisions so fast based upon anticipating what he sees developing to make him one of the best PG's in the league and one of the most exciting players to watch.


The Toughest- Rajon Rondo


Usually this goes to big, strong guys, but a dislocated elbow and coming in 10 minutes later to play the rest of the series with one arm? Talk about Guts. It's about the biggest heart and the will to win.


Best Shooter off the Screen- Kyle Korver


Korver is not only a quick guy getting around the screen, but he's got a super fast catch-and-release and can drain any shot on any place on the court. Dude's a ridiculously good shooter. When he's on, it is very difficult to beat the Bulls and he poses a defensive nightmare for opposing coaches, because his defender is forced to stay attached to his hip at all times and when there's a screen the help defense opens up huge gaps in the middle.


Best Vertical Leap- Shannon Brown


44.5". Dude's got HOPS. Kenny Gregory has 45.5" but went undrafted and played in the D-League. So we're talking NBA here, but look up Kadour Ziani for the highest ever (60"+).


Most Exciting Player to Watch- John Wall



John Wall is just lightning quick and sometimes even outpaces himself. He has incredible court vision and has ridiculous footspeed to make exciting plays on both the offensive and defensive sides of the ball. He is a franchise changer and with that comes marvelous anticipation and high expectations of this young kid to turn the Wizards into a playoff contender every year. There are few guys that keep your eyes glued to the screen than when John Wall is running the fast break.


Most Exciting Play to Watch- LeBron James Fast Break Swat


Flat out insane!



Deserves More Hype- Amare Stoudemire & Donnie Walsh


They brought New York basketball back to the playoffs and reverted Isiah Thomas' destroyed efforts in just 1  year.



Biggest Athletic Freak- LeBron James


Lebron is clearly the most athletic and physically gifted player in the league. At 6'9" and 270 lbs. he is a freak with ridiculous speed, power, and explosiveness. At first, Lebron was like a puppy who couldn't control his limbs when he entered the league. He was this absolutely gifted, amazing athlete who couldn't seem to control all the physical giftedness he was granted. Over the past 7 years, he has transformed into an incredible basketball player. Not only has LeBron brings the most difficult matchup to opposing teams because of his ability to drive through the lane, draw double teams to become a facilitator, and draw fouls while he slams it home; but his outside shooting performance and defensive game has improved tremendously over the past couple of years. If he stayed in Cleveland, he would have gotten his 3rd straight MVP, leading his team to a another improbable 65+ win season.



Funniest Basketball Moment- Blake Griffin Shake Weight




Worst Basketball Moment- Lebron James "The Decision"


LeBron and his surrounding agency circus, ala MAverick Carter, performed a public relations nightmare in selecting a forum for LeBron to disclose his decision. This one move ruined his entire image and persona, labeling his as one of the most hated individuals in the NBA now. Not only was this a poor decision in terms of money and fame, but LeBron in Miami solidifies the result as him never being able to dethrone His Airness and become the greatest ever no how many rings he has. James is clearly not the basketball player we thought he was. Perhaps Stan Van Gundy said it best. He thought the two-time MVP was “more of a competitor”. He said the “great ones” do it on their own and “usually stay in one location”. For a detailed explanation of how this was the worse decision he could have ever made, read this article: Why LeBron James' Free Agency Decision Was a Bad Move.



Best NBA Picture- Dwayne Wade's Reaction to LeBron's Fast Break Slam


Hottest NBA Wife- Peja Stojakovic



Normally we'd give this to Tony Parker, but since he screwed up we're going to give it to Peja. Jason Kidd's and Kobe's wives are tied for a CLOSE second, but we'll share some of the accolades around the NBA and give mad props when they are due (cough cough**lucky bastard**).


Most Hungry for a 'Ship- Dirk Nowitzki, Jason Kidd, and Jason Terry



They have one goal in mind- win a championship; and they know this is their last year to do it. These 3 have been to the finals a combined 4 times with no ring to their collection. Dirk and Terry were on the brink of taking a 3-0 lead against Wade's Heat in 2006, but lost 4 straight. This is Kidd's third final appearance and with ample rest will have fresh legs to get it done. After winning the Western Conference Finals, Dirk ran out of the interviews to get prepared for finals prep. After all the congratulations he's received for his gutsy and incredible shooting performances and decrowning the defending back to back champs, he said "this isn't what we play for". Get this: Jason Terry tattooed the Finals Trophy on his arm before the season even started. This could very well be their year and what a perfect ending than to knock off their 2006 rivals in the Heat who stole it from them before. 


Best Overall Player- Kobe Bryant



This is clearly the one you've all been waiting for, but the answer is pretty obvious. Regardless of all the hype Derrick Rose or Kevin Durant has gotten or the fact that LeBron is kicking at Kobe's heels for quite some time now, this has got to go to the 5x champion and the guy who's proven to be a winner.

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