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Best Date Restaurants NYC

Best Date Restaurants NYC


You just met a cool lady, but don’t want to break the bank on a restaurant. I mean you just met her, a woman shouldn’t be spending all your money until after your married (haha). But seriously, I’ve compiled a list of the five coolest places to take your new arm candy. 

5. Jekyll & Hyde (

This restaurant located in Greenwich Village provides an innovative dining experience. You start off going through a haunted house type atmosphere before you are seated. The place is a little juvenile because it is a Halloween themed restaurant, but the place is still fun. Warning: If you have an aggressive personality, you might want to avoid this destination as the waiters are trained to interact and mess with you. I went here and after some back and forth dialogue with the waiter, he started calling me “Mr. Positivity.” I had to be restrained from not trying to rip his head off. It is a good spot if you think she’ll enjoy the haunted theme. If you’re dating an “uptown girl”, you might want to consider many of the other fine spots on this list.




4. Mars 2112 (

This place is likely the priciest of the group as it is located in Times Square also known as “Tourist Trap Central.” The restaurant takes the idea of a space restaurant and brings it to life. I know what you’re thinking, Tony what are you doing picking out all these juvenile places? Look fellas, I’m a big purveyor of showing a lady that you’re more than just a clean suit and a suave attitude. You have to be able to show her your fun side. 




3. BINY (

BINY’s name comes from the acronym “Best In New York” and it does not disappoint. This place is a stylish Japanese restaurant with state of the art, computerized karaoke bars. Nothing tells your date that you’re adventurous than doing karaoke! NO worries, the sound system made even me sound like an American Idol worthy singer. The only downside is you definitely will need reservations because this place is very popular as it is located near the trendy downtown TriBeCa neighborhood.


2. Borgatti’s Ravioli & Egg Noodles (

Borgatti’s is my favorite place on this list as it is a quaint family owned restaurant for over 75 years! You have to love a small family business standing the test of time in the face of mega conglomerate restaurant chains. This place serves some of the best raviolis around because they are freshly made right in front of you! The prices are great and it is only surpassed by the taste of the food. The only worry here is your date might be more interested in the food than you!


1. Rue 57  (

Rue 57 is on the higher end of the price list, but it is sure to please any pallet. They have everything from sushi to roast duck to cheeseburgers. This place  is the “be all end all” of the restaurants on this list. If you’re the kind of guy who has a varying taste, you can take your lady here for a good time. Order the roast duck, so your lady can dog you about how much of a barbarian you are. 

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