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Ben Affleck Workout

Ben Affleck Workout


Although Ben Affleck has always stayed in shape for his roles, Ben Affleck hasn't really been known for being ripped and having bulging muscles throughout his acting career, but wow did he turn some heads when he did pull-ups with his shirt off in The Town. This was actually an excellent movie that Affleck not only starred in, but also directed and wrote the script. With Gone Baby Gone and this under his belt, Affleck has proven his worthiness in Hollywood by using the town that he was raised and born in as the background for his movies: the bad parts of Boston. Ben Affleck worked with Celebrity Personal Trainer Rehan Jalali and Boston Celtics Strength and Conditioning Coach Walter Norton Jr. to get his body and muscles perfect to play a "hard-working" convict and ex-Pro Hockey player. Affleck supposedly woke up at 4 AM every morning to work out for an hour and a half, before he would go to the set of The Town. According to, to get ripped for the movie he did a very specialized workout. He did a lot of cardiovascular training mixed in with his resistance training. He did workouts like high knee walks and skips for 10 yards followed by lunges and even an inchworm exercise. In terms of his weight training, he would alternate high reps and low reps with both compound and isolation workouts. He did tons of torso work and abs work. 





Affleck did so much core work to really get his abs defined for his movie roles. You can see by this picture just by how 
ripped his midsection was.



Our Take:
 Ben Affleck did an incredible amount of torso and core work. Doing rotational exercises and working on your torso is very important. Rotational exercises can determine if one side of your body is stronger and more mobile than the other side. Body asymmetry is one of the primary causes of injury and pain. It will also keep your body more mobile and in sync and improve spine mobility. Not to mention, doing a lot of rotational and torso exercises will really build up the core muscles and get them real defined. 


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