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Home Training Workouts Aundrea Annin Workout

Aundrea Annin Workout

Aundrea Annin Workout


Here is my training for a show: 

Day 1: Shoulders & Quads

1A. Shoulder Press 4x 8

1B. Lateral Raise 4x 8

2A. Leg Extension 4x 8

2B. Leg Press 4x 8

3A. Front Deltoid Press 4x 8

3B. Front Raise Incline Bench 4x 8

4A. Heavy Lunges 4x 10/Leg

4B. Step Ups 4x 10/Leg

5A. Rear Deltoid Row 4x 8

5B. Rear Deltoid fly 4x 15

6A. X Step Ups 4x 8

6B. Speed Skaters 4x 10/Side



Day 2: Back, Chest, & ABS

1A. Underhand Pull ups 4x 10

1B. Underhand pull downs 4x 8

2A. Bench chest Fly 4x 8

2B. Bosu Pushups 4x MAX

3A. Close Row 4x 8

3B. Dumbbell Pull over 4x 8

4A. Bent over cable fly & Press 4x 8

4B. Push up jumps 4x MAX

Abs x 150 Reps



Day 3:  Biceps & Triceps

1A. Dumbbell Bicep Curl 4x 8

1B. Band Curl Burnout 4x MAX

1C. Overhead Tricep Press 4x 8

1D. Dip Burnout 4x MAX

2A. Incline Bench Curl 4x 8

2B. Bent over band curl 4x MAX

2C. Supine Tricep Extension 4x 8

2D. Band Kickbacks 4x MAX



Day 4: Hamstrings, Calves, & ABS

1A. Squat Jumps 4x 20

2A. Hamstring Curls 4x 8

3A. Deadlifts 4x 8

4A. One Leg Deadlifts 4x 10/Leg

5A. Calf Raises 4x MAX

ABS x 300 reps



Day 5: Cardio Leg BURN

1A. Speed Skaters 4x 10/ Leg

2A. Dumbbell Squats 4x 20

3A. Reverse Lung with front raise 4x 15

4A. Sumo Squats 4x 8

5A. Lunge Jumps 4x 20

6A, Cable Kick backs 4x 20

*Note* I do have a coach who I receive all my workouts for show training through. His name is Doug Casebier from Total Body Advantage and he has written my exercise routines.

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Date Published : 2012-05-03 13:52:11
Written By : Muscle Prodigy