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Arian Foster Workout

Arian Foster Workout


Arian Foster went from being an undrafted practice squad player out of the University of Tennessee to the NFL’s rushing leader. Foster’s workout training routine helped him achieve superstar status as one of the NFL’s most dominating running backs playing for the Houston Texans. 


Foster’s routine consists of a track workout early in the morning, weights in the afternoon followed by a midday core training session and ending with another track workout at night. That’s a total of four sessions per day. Training on the track can be a highly effective way to prep for the NFL season. Football is all about short sprints (and sometimes you'll have to run to the end zone for that 60 yard long sprint) so doing sprints on the track correlates well with the game of football.


Foster trains with his brother, Abdul Foster. Abdul believes being his brother is an advantage as a trainer because he understands Arian’s body better than most. He knows when Arian should be pushed versus giving him an adequate day of rest and recovery. Abdul told Men’s Health, “I’m lucky that he’s my brother, and that he is willing to work as hard as he is. But I also know his capacity.” With Abdul's training and his own vast knowledge of health and fitness, Foster has become one of the most dynamic players in the NFL. He has developed amazing strength to break tackles and juke even the most challenging of defensive opponents.


In terms of his diet, Arian would eat something light before his workouts. He wants to provide his body with a mix of carbs and protein before his workout for added energy and proper recovery. After his workout, Arian eats a breakfast consisting of egg whites, toast, mushrooms, vegetables, and either turkey sausage or turkey bacon along with some orange juice.


For some added motivation, Foster stated “I use anything I can to get through my tough workouts, from my family, to my status, to our team succeeding and winning it all. I want to work like I’m the best and I use any motivation I can find to help contribute to me working hard which will help me contribute to our teams success.”






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In terms of his in-season training, Foster deemed, “I’ll still work just as hard during the season as I did in the off season, the majority of what I will do won’t be as intense as it was in the off season, a lot more mental and fine tuning workouts is what I’ll incorporate.” The NFL season can be very brutal and take a huge toll on your body. Therefore, it's important to incorporate more rest days and go easier with the training to keep your body properly healed.



Here is Arian Foster’s workout routine (courtesy of Men’s Health):













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Date Published : 2011-12-10 04:22:15
Written By : Richard Allen

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