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Arian Foster Unique Training and Diet Regimen

Arian Foster Unique Training and Diet Regimen


Houston Texans running back Arian Foster, whowas the premiere Running Back during the 2010 season, is a stud on the football field. He was the emergent Texan in 2010 with his breakthrough season and has continued to impress football fans across the nation with his explosive speed this season on what could be the #1 seed in the AFC. This has only been the case because of his rigorous training and diet regimen, which has led him to carry the team on his back for a second straight season in a row. 

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Arian Foster has a unique training regimen to increase his athleticism and speed which consists of free body exercises on the field along with those that require the use of equipment like sleds, cones, and ladders. For instance, Arian will often be seen doing stair sprints, W Lateral Sprints, 5-10-5 sprints, and so forth on the football field nearly every day, even in the hot Houston sun. Thisprovides with him the great ability he has to make ridiculous cuts and super jukes on his opponents, leaving safeties in the dust, wondering why they can't tackle him. 




That's not all though. Arian also does a lot of compound movement exercises in the gym such as bench presses with chains, squats, renegade rows, and weighted pull ups with leg elevation. This allows him to gain power throguhout the cross sectionals of his muscles so he can be as strong as possible for his bodyweight. More importantly though, Arian Foster spends an exrbitant amount of time on his core. It is important for him to stay balanced on the football field when taking heavy hits from huge linebackers and defensive lineman. Foster hits the weights hard, but he concentrates on inceasing athletic prowess rather than gaining bulky mass. He needs to make sure that he is speedy enough to run past the fastest of cornerbacks and get into the open field to break for a score. Therefore, Arian trains to work on his explosiveness and top speed, doing lots of sprints that require a ton of energy.



That's why Arian needs the proper food in his body. Foster has a very specific diet that consists of lean proteins and low glycemix index carbohydrates. Arian makes sure he gets enough food in his system, but he makes sure to never over-eat since he is his fastest when he is light on his feet. Now, you can also eat what Arian eats to gain an elite-athlete like body. Arian is one fit dude and that cna largely be attributed to his diet. Arian provides all of his secrets in Foster;'s Fitness, where you can receive a notificaition every 3 hours to eat what Arian is eating during the day to help give you the fuel to push you through your workouts and the nutrition necessary to repair your muscles so they can grow back stronger than ever.

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There are millions of combinations of meal plans and exercise routines generated through Foster's Fitness and you can even create your own your favorite exercises and save personalized workout routines so you can track your progress. If you're looking to get in the best shape of your life are you going to continue doing what you're doing with limited guidance, or are you going to train with an NFL pro?

Get some of the best fitness advice from a world class athlete and learn how to train like a professional! No more time wasted. 

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