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Home Training Celebrity Workouts Andy Whitfield Workout

Andy Whitfield Workout

Andy Whitfield Workout


Men's Health featured the young actor and said that this interval-style workout routine was a staple in what the actor used as his workout regimen. The Andy Whitfield Spartacus Workout is a 41 minute full body circuit workout. It consists of 10 different exercises, each performed for 1 minute, with 15 seconds of rest between exercises. He supposedly performed 3 total rounds of this 10 exercise circuit, with 2 minutes of rest in between rounds. He used a moderately heavy pair of dumbbells in each of these exercises:

1. Goblet Squat
2. Mountain Climbers
3. Single Arm Dumbbell Swing (30 seconds each arm)
4. T-Pushups
5. Split Jumps
6. Bentover Dumbbell Row
7. Side Lunge and Touch (30 seconds each side)
8. Renegade Row (alternating arms)
9. Forward Lunge and Twist
10. Dumbbell Overhead Press



Whitfield's Spartacus Workout shredded the fat off his body and helped him get that Spartan look.


Our Take: Talk about the ultimate workout. This is one of the most intense workouts around. This not only works your muscles to the uttermost extreme but it really will get you into serious shape. You hit all the major muscle groups and really build up the muscular endurance, in addition to some great cardiovascular conditioning. Keeping lean is all about burning calories while building up strength and muscle and this workout does just that.


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