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Andrei Arlovski Workout

Andrei Arlovski Workout


Andrei Arlovski is one of, if not THE most ripped up guy in the UFC, and that is due to his sheer dedication to training and being one of the best in the sport. Arlovski's specialty is in Sambo and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and has especially increased his kickboxing skills tremendously to complement his grappling abilities. Although Arlovski has been on a slide losing his last 4 bouts, 3 of them by knockout, they were to stiff competition and he hasn't slowed down one beat in the weight room and on the track.


This former UFC Heavyweight Champion trains like an absolute animal doing a 2 on, 1 off, 3 on, 1 off split for a total of 5 working days with 2 days off per week to allow his body to recuperate fully. This is especially important for allowing your muscles to recover and your central nervous system to repair itself from the stress mandated from heavy duty training.




As you can see, Arlovski is not your typical fighter (pictured on the left). His intense 
training regimen and genetics gives him an edge above the competition. Look how
he matches up against Fedor Emelianenko. You can clearly see a difference.



According to Arlovski''s official website,, his workout routine is as follows:


9:00am Cardio/ Strength Training

12:30pm Freestyle Wrestling

5:30pm Running

7:30pm Jiu Jitsu



7:00am Running

11:30am Freestyle Wrestling

6:30pm Boxing



Rest Day




7:00am Running

12:30pm Boxing

4:45pm Jiu Jitsu





7:00am Running

9:00am Freestyle Wrestling






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7:00am Running

11:30am Freestyle Wrestling

6:30pm Boxing


Rest Day


Arlovski does a sport-specific set of training standards which include exhausting drills with objects such as tires, sleds, ladders, resistance bands, ropes, and heavy bags, etc. to give his body a powerful and functional physique. The aesthetics that Arlovski sports are just an added bonus.

Here is Andrei Arlovski's diet plan listed on his official website. You can see it here on his site:





6 - 7 Eggs ( 10 is the max )


Meat - Steak, Chicken or Fish.


Salad usually with some meat, fish as side dish.

Stuff I Stay Away From:

Anything with carbs - things like pasta or bread and sweets. I do give into temptation of my favorite pistachio ice cream, once a month.

My Favorite Russian Food:

Pelmeni - Meat dumpling

Golubtsi - Cabbage rolls stuffed with meat

Favorite Restaurant in Chicago:

Tavern on Rush

I enjoy a good red wine once in a while as well. ( But not during training or preparation for a bout )

Every Wednesday:

Every Wednesday Arlovski goes out with the guys for a steak dinner to talk, watch fights and just hangout.










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Date Published : 2011-12-11 01:57:24
Written By : Jaret Grossman