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Home The Girl of the Month Ana Irina Roman Interview

Ana Irina Roman Interview

Ana Irina Roman Interview

MP: How do you keep in shape all year round?

Ana: I workout 2-4 times weekly , sometimes from 1-2h exercise that include cardio and toning and also really important a well balanced diet.


MP: What is your favorite bodypart to train and why?

Ana: Definitely legs.. I love cardio "the step machine" and i go usually for one hour strait . Since childhood i used to do athletic gymnastics ,my favorite was 60m sprint.


MP: As a vegetarian, is it hard to find healthy protein filled foods? What kinds of foods make up your diet?

Ana: Love cashews,sunflower,tangerine,watermelon,lentils,soybean, and sometimes i take some supplements from the Isagenix line of products.


MP: What do you look for in a guy?

Ana: 2 things that are really important for me: PERSONALITY AND PHYSIQUE. He must be very gentleman,calm, smart and have a good sense of orientation, humor is a+,also a really well define ,strong built,sexy and flair, financially stable, muscular natural body... and so on.


MP: What are the biggest turn-offs with you with guys?

Ana: Hmmm.. Guys that underestimate themselves , negligee their body appearances, think just on financial matters and lead their enjoyment time to 0, are not spontaneous and unadventurous .. all this is a definitely NO NO GUY for me ..


MP: What is the most romantic thing a guy could do for you?

Ana: I love romantic guys and i believe that any woman will love ,once in a wile, her man to spoil her with nice romantic ,exclusive private, getaways to tropical islands or just simply surprise her with gifts- presents that she likes and show her a lots of carrying and affection. The most romantic thing that a guy can do to me .. To find a romantic way to deeply show all his love toward me, in the front of my loved ones and his loved ones ... in one word to make me feel like a princess ..


MP: Who do you believe is the sexiest male celebrity and why?

Ana: Chris Evans is one of the hottest sexiest male celebrity ... All single girls can agree with that .. he got THE FLAME ON err.. and ...No Comment .. speechless


MP: Who do you believe is the most beautiful female celebrity and why?

Ana: That is the place for Adriana Lima .. Really do i even need reasons to choose this brazilian super model,super hottie ? Some might think that 27 is too old to be a top model , but i think if Adriana quits,the modelling world will be seriously deprived of a gorgeous.... gorgeous woman!


MP: You believe that “unarmed truth and unconditional love will have the final word in reality.” Can you elaborate on this? Why do you think this?

Ana: Well this is a very deep in my personal believes .. I believe that we create our own fate in life as long as you have a good vision-good thinks will gone follow, i do believe in myself as a positive minded person and it got to be a happy ending, in all of what you name purpose in life.


MP: You have a huge passion for art. What makes art so special to you?

Ana: Art is a way of expressing out there , feelings and emotions ,that you never knew they exist , until in one blessed day that you start understanding this language named ART. From that day you will want to know more and more from this beautiful world =Art.


MP: What is your dream meal at a restaurant?

Ana: I love the atmosphere and food taste in a really good italian restaurant ,despite the fact that i am origins romanian , a good mushroom pasta plate followed by a really nice desert will make it for me as a really delicious meal.


MP: If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?

Ana: I do travel a lot lately ,business and pleasure trips and i am pretty much open to travel anywhere possible in the world. My favorite place would be Australia i guess ... I will be there in january 2010 for a mini fun vacation -runway of winters from Canada.:)


MP: What is something people may not know about you?

Ana: I have a really strong personality that anyone can see , but deep inside in me i am steel that innocent child  with a immense heart and huge love for family , even if it look like i left them behind in a further place of my heart and my mind.


MP: What are your future goals?

Ana: I don't have too many future dreams,maybe to find in the near future the MISTER RIGHT AND TRUTH person,  i can say that i am more as a present person , i feel that i've accomplish lots of my resolutions and also an advice remember that the happiness lays in the present moment nor in past or future ..

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Date Published : 2010-01-29 22:24:22
Written By : Muscle Prodigy