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Amazing 7 Exercise Chest Routine

Amazing 7 Exercise Chest Routine


Here is an incredible chest workout routine that will provide for a lot of stimulation in the chest. This combination of 7 exercises really hits every part of the chest and will leave your chest ready to grow. The 7 exercises are as follows:

1) Incline Push-Ups
2) Flat Barbell Bench Press
3) Incline Dumbbell Press
4) Seated Machine Press
5) Incline Hammer Press to Dumbbell Fly
6) Seated Pec Deck
7) Cable Crossover


Please go to failure on every set (except for the push-ups at the beginning, which should be 3 warm-up sets) by choosing proper weight loads that will conform to the rep schemes indicated in the video below. Remember to always use proper form though. You are in the gym for a purpose, which is to work on a particular muscle group, not to hoist weight up. Leave your ego at the door and concentrate on working your chest not your statistics. Choose weight loads you can handle, but where you struggle during the last few reps of the exercise.

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