Alistair Overeem Workout

Alistair Overeem, the former Strikeforce Heavyweight champion and current UFC fighter, is built like a monster. Overeem’s strength training workout and diet routine is a stuff of legend. Find out how he has gained almost 40 pounds of lean muscle on his physique.

Look how Overeem’s physique has changed over the years. He has a great combination of genetics and an unbelievable work ethic in the gym. He has very strong discipline with his eating regimen, which helps him achieve that perfect physique.


The 6’5, 256 lb. muscle machine was not always this big. He used to compete as a light heavyweight at 220 lbs. Constantly cutting weight took a toll on Overeem’s body so he decided that the heavyweight division would be a more natural weight class for him. He did an extreme training workout and diet routine to add 40 pounds of lean muscle to his already jacked body.


Overeem is considered the most jacked fighter for a reason. Look at those abs!


Overeem uses a combination of strongman exercises, plyometrics, and speed and agility training to build his size and strength.


Here’s some of his favorite workouts:

In this video, Overeem is carrying a 550 pound block (250 kg.) and carries it up big stairs. Not only does he lift the weight, but he has to move it forward up a flight of stairs, using more of his stabilizer muscles than a traditional deadlift. This is a great exercise for strengthening and building the lower back and legs in addition to the core. He also does a heavy sled pull. This really develops all the leg muscles, such as the quads, glutes, hamstrings, and calves.


In this video, Overeem is doing a 660 lb. (300 kg.) deadlift for 5 reps. Unlike the previous exercise that he did (carrying the block up the stairs), he has to do a full motion to lift the weight, which puts even more emphasis on his lower back and hamstrings.


In this video, he is doing the Farmers Walk with 352 lb. (160 kg.) blocks. This exercise builds muscular endurance, anaerobic capacity, grip strength, ankle strength, as well as increasing back strength.


Overeem focuses on a lot of strongman exercises. This type of training requires you to lift and move irregular shaped objects, which produce more functional strength gains. For example, Overeem focuses on lifting concrete Atlas stones weighing 220 lbs. (100 kg.). These stones are round so they can be very difficult to grip and handle. This really builds and strengthens every muscle in the body, specifically the hips. The concentric movements (lifting phase) will develop explosive hip extensions that help to slam people down to the mat. It also will help with takedown defense and provides forearm strength for effective wrist control.

You can see all the unique kinds of workouts he does. It doesn’t just begin and end with free weights. He also does a lot of heavy tire flips, which can also be difficult to grip at times. This enhances leg drive, flexibility, endurance and straight power and explosion. This really helps with takedown power.


People are fascinated with Overeem’s physique, no matter where in the world he is.


Alistair Overeem eats up to 8 meals a day. He has an extremely fast metabolism and little fat so he is constantly hungry and needs constant energy throughout the day. His diet consists of a lot of meat, his favorite type of food. He eats all kinds of meat. Some of his specifics are cow beef, horse beef, and fish. He also likes eating a lot of greek yogurt and nuts for snacks. One of his favorite meals is a dish that his mom used to make called ‘Dutch Boerenkool’. This is a dish made with meat, potatoes, and cabbage.


Here’s how Overeem spreads out his meals throughout the day:

Meal 1- 9 AM

Meal 2- 10 AM

Training Session

Meal 3- Immediately after training session

Meal 4- When he gets home from training


Meal 5- When he wakes up from his nap

Training Session

Meal 6- Immediately after training session

Meal 7- When he gets home from training (biggest meal of the day)

Meal 8- Before he goes to sleep


In this video, Overeem talks about his diet routine: