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Alexander Ovechkin Workout

Alexander Ovechkin Workout


Alexander Ovechkin’s workout and training routine relies heavily on recovery of the body and to hinder muscle break down. Therefore, Ovechkin takes many ice baths after games and practices and gets plenty of rest. In the weight room, Ovechkin mimics real life hockey movements as much as possible. He wants to specifically strengthen those muscle groups that are more susceptible to damage on the ice.




Ovechkin doing a squat, one of his preferred workouts. 
This helps with his power and explosion on the ice.






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Some of Alexander Ovechkin’s favorite workouts:


Rear Deltoid Raises:

Deltoid raises strengthen the shoulders and stretch the chest, which helps bring additional balance across the shoulders and upper back. These are the muscle groups that take most of the hits on the ice.


The squats help bring out those additional bursts of speed on the ice.


The landmines boost rotational strength, power and recruitment of the abdominals and glutes. To do landmines, place a barbell tilted up towards you so that the bottom hits the floor and the other side is tilted vertically in front of you. Bend your legs as you twist your body to the right, taking the barbell close to the floor as you turn. Do this with the left side and repeat.


Hip flexor stretches
The hip flex stretches alleviates spinal stress and helps spinal alignment, giving more of an arched back. Even more flexibility gives the muscles and joints greater ranges of motion for longer durability on the ice.



Check out this crazy rope drill that Ovechkin does. This is crazy cardio and gets your arms ready for performance come game-time.













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Date Published : 2011-12-10 04:23:02
Written By : Richard Allen