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Alex Rodriguez Workout

Alex Rodriguez Workout


Alex Rodriguez’s workout training routine has helped propel him to the top of the list of baseball's all-time greats. Rodriguez has always been known to be a true fitness guru and always takes care of his 275 million dollar body.



A-Rod's great physique is attributed to his amazing 
work ethic in the gym and on the field. He truly has a 
million dollar body.




A-Rod does a few different workout routines but here’s a look at one of them. According to a feature with Men’s Vogue, A-Rod does:



300 crunches a day
30 minutes of stationary bike

Crunches are a great abdominal workout to bring out shape and definition in the midsection. The stationary bike is a great alternative to running because it puts less stress on the knees and joints and can be just as good as a workout.






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Mondays: A-Rod does a series of 440, 220, and 110-yard sprints, never more than a mile at a time. A-Rod believes that when you run long distances, you start getting slower. In addition, studies have shown that sprints and high intensity training can get you in better shape and burn more fat.

Tuesdays: Sandpit Workout and Stair Sprints. Running in sand can help build up the calf muscles and won't take as much of a toll on the joints.

Wednesdays: 18 straight 110-yard dashes.

Thursdays: Uphill Runs. Running uphill is another great cardio routine, as it takes more energy and conditioning to run uphill.

Fridays: High-Speed Plyometric Movements. Plyometrics are ideal for building muscular power and explosion. 

On weekends, A-Rod does spinning class, or takes swings in the batting cage.



As you can see, A-Rod does full variety with his routine and incoporates all his different muscle groups. It's no wonder why he's so durable on the baseball field!


The youngest player to hit both 500 and 600 home runs, A-Rod has a legitimate shot at breaking the home run record. With all his great statistics and awards, A-Rod may go down as one of the greatest to ever play the game.




Men's Vogue









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Date Published : 2011-12-10 04:22:49
Written By : Richard Allen