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Home Training Celebrity Workouts Alex O'Loughlin Workout

Alex O'Loughlin Workout

Alex O'Loughlin Workout


Alex O'Loughlin, star of Hawaii Five-O, was selected as One of the Sexiest People of 2009 by Who Magazine. "I’m playing a surgeon currently, so I’m trying to say on the thinner, leaner side. I’ve seen a lot of the surgeons move around the hospital quickly, eat on the run; they’re pretty lean." To get in such great shape, he works out 5 days a week. He runs up hills, circuit trains in the gym, and boxes at a boxing gym. The main principle that Alex does is that he does high intensity interval training, which is the most efficient way to burn fat. O'Loughlin mixes up his intensity levels with bursts of high intensity phased in with active rest. O'Loughlin has a pretty extreme fitness routine. "I do circuit training, interval training. I do this interval thing called Tabata. It’s 20 seconds on, ten seconds off at 100 percent intensity. I aim for four days a week [for that]...Every workout I do has a core-based strength to it. If you focus on your core, doing Pilates and things, everything else will respond better."

Alex makes sure he stays focused within his workouts by listening to Hard Rock music like Metallica, Soundgarden, or Tool.





His focus on high intensity interval training is a huge reason why he can stay
so lean with his body. 




Alex makes sure that his diet in check for his waistline, but more importantly for his overall health. Alex wants to make sure he his fit well into his seventies. He makes sure his foods are low sodium and low cholesterol. "I have to be a vigilant. I eat half a cup of oatmeal, a banana, honey and a splash of milk for breakfast. Organic chicken, rice and pasta, and vegetables, steamed. I cook with no oil or butter. I have a really low-sodium diet. I drink about a gallon and a half of water a day". Alex makes sure to have one day off a week from his diet where he eats whatever he wants. Alex has also made sure to cut back his cigar smoking as well.


Our Take: O'Loughlin relies on high intensity interval training for a majority of his routine. Studies have confirmed that high intensity training like this can burn much more fat than steady-paced workouts. In addition, it will cut down the amount of time you train for because you're doing everything more quickly and more intense. Also, your VO2 Max will increase more from doing HIIT than steady state cardio.  Your VO2 Max meausres the maximum amount of oxygen that your body can take in, deliver, and use in one minute, which is one of the best indicators of aerobic fitness. A higher VO2 Max means more oxygen is delivered to the muscles and the faster or longer you run and train. He stays away from foods with low cholesterol and low sodium, which is important to keep lean. 

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