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Home Training Living in Fitness Adding Calisthenics to Your Strength Weight Training Packs a Punch

Adding Calisthenics to Your Strength Weight Training Packs a Punch

Adding Calisthenics to Your Strength Weight Training Packs a Punch


Accumulated muscle mass, strength and endurance are derived from progressively pushing or pulling your muscles past their current usage rate to greater levels. Strength weight training achieves this by using resistance from such sources as free weights, hydraulic or cable machines, or resistance bands. 

Calisthenics, on the other hand, utilizes the body’s own weight to achieve greater mass, force and endurance. Such exercises consist of push-ups, pull-ups, jumping jacks, lunges and sit-ups as well as various plyometric exercises.

Both methods have their own unique advantages as well as disadvantages when it comes to complete, all-round fitness. Muscles constantly exposed to weight training only can become stagnant, whereas calisthenics can only achieve a certain point under your limited body weight. However, calisthenics can be done anywhere and can increase your muscle endurance level while weight strength training can add the bulk you desire.



Combined Methods Burn Fat Quicker

By combining the two methods, you can increase the amount of fat burned by your body. When you train with weights in the gym and then add calisthenics in between workout sessions at home or work, you build more muscle tone and mass which, in turn, raises your metabolism and, thereby, consumes more body fat. 


Also, calisthenics raise your heart rate to more of an aerobic workout state which also helps to burn body fat, especially if you practice a circuit-style exercise program with one being performed right after the other.



Combined Methods Build Greater Endurance

Calisthenics are good exercises to increase both your cardiovascular capacity and muscle endurance. By adding calisthenics to your weight training routine, you will greatly extend your endurance.


To achieve this, perform your calisthenics program one after another for approximately 30 minutes straight until you are completely fatigued. You should also perform more reps in order to expand endurance levels. For instance, when you are exercising, instead of doing reps of 10 for each exercise (which builds strength), do 15. 


Eventually, you will be able to extend the time and the number of reps, thereby increasing your endurance. Of course, this same exercise routine will help to create muscle form as well as mass.



Combined Methods Increase Strength

Adding calisthenics to your weight program will also help to build strength. Modify your calisthenics routine to include unilateral movements to achieve greater strength. For example, you can perform one arm push-ups, single leg squats, etc which make those select muscle groups work harder.


By combining a calisthenics and weight strength program, you can increase your cardio output and muscle endurance and strength, adding a greater dimension to your workout efforts.

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