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Adam Lamb Interview

Adam Lamb Interview


Adam Lamb is a National Level Mens physique athlete and business professional. He is very committed to making a difference with everything he does, whether its helping his clients as a Portfolio Manager or helping his clients in fitness he always gives 100% dedication.


MP: When and why did you decide to start exercising?


AL: I was always into Arnold as a kid and began weight training in high school. I was immediately intrigued by the way you can gain size and strength with a proper diet and workout program. I was always a skinny kid, so finding a way to get bigger was exciting!




MP: What propelled you to become so involved in the fitness community?


AL: I first became more involved because I wanted to be bigger, better and stronger! After being able to achieve the fitness goals I continuously set for myself, I decided to use that same passion to help other committed folks who wanted to change their lives as well. There is always room for change and growth with fitness. I am always incorporating new challenges and setting larger goals in order to be the best I can…as a competitor and a coach. I love to make a difference every day, and there is always an opportunity to do that in the fitness community, for yourself and others.




MP: Describe your typical day in the gym. What kind of training do you focus on?


AL:  There is really no “typical day” in the gym for me. I do try to focus on one major body part per training session with 5-6 exercises; doing 3-4 sets of each and a rep range from 8-20, depending on what I’m focused on that day. I try to do abs every other day as well. For more detailed custom workout plans, feel free to email me at:



What is your typical diet regimen like? What do you deem as some of the most important foods in your diet?

AL: I believe in medium amounts of lean protein, 6-8 ounces per meal comprised mainly of chicken, egg whites, ground turkey and occasional red meat.

I also believe in medium amounts of quality carbohydrates in the first few meals of the day, 40-75 grams per meal from rice, oatmeal and sweet potatoes mainly.

I’m not a huge believer in fats; some small healthy amounts are good, but too much is not needed and can yield less than desirable results. Here is a typical diet regimen for me:


M1. 8 egg whites, 1 cup oatmeal (measured dry), 1 cup blue berries.

M2. 5 oz. Chicken, 1 cup white rice, 1 cup broccoli.

M3. 5 oz. Cod fish, 2 cups white rice.
M4. Post workout, 45 grams whey protein
M5. 8 oz. Chicken breast, 10 oz. Sweet potato, salad.
M6. 45 grams whey protein, 1.5 oz. Walnuts.





MP: What’s your stance on supplementation? What are some of your favorite supplements to take and why?


AL: I am a firm believer in supplementation! Modern science is a tool we use every day for a better quality of life, so why not use it in our training as well? Some supplements I use are whey and casein protein powders, glutamine and other BCAA compounds, creatine, Multi-vitamins, fish oil, and last but not least, a good pre-workout supplement! For more information on different supplement regimens to help you achieve the best results, email me at:





MP: How has your knowledge of fitness, dieting, and supplementation changed over time? What have you learned with experience?


AL:  I have learned so much over the years! I did a lot of the wrong things when I was younger and definitely paid for it through some injuries I received as a result. I have been blessed to have amazing coaches through the years to keep me on the right track and always learning. “You can never teach a man something he thinks he already knows.”… Too many people believe they are experts, and don’t take the time to listen and learn.


Some of the main things I have learned over the years, which I share with friends and athletes, are proper training and form, proper diets needed for different goals, and most importantly, timing. When to train, when to eat, and when to rest. Timing is very important and often overlooked.



MP: What’s your secret to keeping yourself lean year round?

AL: Eating clean will keep you lean. I enjoy working out so I’m excited to do it daily.  However, I do struggle a bit to maintain a strict diet when not prepping for a show or photo shoot. It is acceptable to relax your diet a bit from time to time, by offering “cheat meals”.  This will force your body to adapt, and continually grow and get stronger. My personal secret is to stay active and look in the mirror.  If your body is straying from how you want to look, then clean it up!






MP: What advice do you have for a beginner and advanced weight lifter?


AL: 1. Always be open to learn and listen.

        2. Train properly, slow down, and focus on working the muscle, rather than showing off.




MP: Where does your motivation come from when it comes to training to your full potential?


AL: I push myself daily. I always set short and long term goals which has enabled me to be successful through hard work, and I continually evaluate my progress while making adjustments. I also am very inspired by the people who reach out to me for advice.  Their enthusiasm and witnessing their success, inspires me. Being a role model for others is very motivating for me!




MP: What are your future goals both personally and professionally?


AL: I want to win my Pro status in the IFBB Men’s Physique division in Cleveland, OH September 2 at the IFBB North Americans. I want to continue to inspire other individuals to live healthier and better lives; while growing my health and wellness coaching business, and becoming a respected name in the fitness industry.





Please feel free to reach out to me and add me to your contacts:!/adamlambfit

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Date Published : 2011-08-03 20:46:41
Written By : Muscle Prodigy